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All about Classic Cars in Photos and Text

All about Automotive Photography

18,000 + Classic Car Photos

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Many of these may not yet be part of the Photoshop Online Resource Guide. They will be placed under the correct topic within a week or so. Most if not all of this info. is free but of course many of these sites would like for you to purchase from them or donate.

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Bill Richardson’s Adobe Photoshop Actions


Download Bill's Original Adobe Photoshop Frames Action

Download Bill's Bi-Level Adobe Photoshop Frames Action

Download Bill's Oval Adobe Photoshop Frames Action

Download Bill's Black & White Adobe Photoshop Action

Download Blown Sky Adobe Photoshop Action

Download Bill's Dynamic Range Adobe Photoshop Action Set

Download Diet Pill/Blown Sky Adobe Photoshop Action

Download Color Cast Adobe Photoshop Action

Download Bill's Double Adobe Photoshop Frames Action


Photoshop and Digital Photography Techniques

The following articles are included at this link

Articles all include user comments


Processing a Digital Photo

Fun with Phlowrs and Photoshop

Opening Camera Raw in Photoshop CS2

The Evolution of Photography

Would Ansel Like Digital?

Shine On, Ersatz Moon

Yosemite without People

It’s the Lens, Baby


Photoshop/ Photography Basics


Adobe Photoshop Basics Free Online Class

Crop Tool

Crop Tool Practice

History Palette

Saving Images

Canvas Size

For Digital Photo Newbies

Free Photoshop Class


Awesome Smoke Images

Even More Awesome Smoke Images

Imaging tip of the day: Fluid Mask Photoshop Plugin

Secrets of Digital Photography

What Is Flickr (and Hot Tips for Using It)

Photo retouching tools at your fingertips

Imaging tip of the day: CS2 Upgrade Guide

Getting the Colors Right When Printing Photos

Free Photoshop Layer Styles from Shelby Kate Schmitz

Imaging tip of the day: CS2 Upgrade Guide

A Beginner's Reference to Digital Scrapbooking

Changing the Resolution of JPEG Files

Exploring the magic of mosaics

Put Your Best Face Forward: Self Portraits

Top 10 Photoshop features

Photo workflow for the Web

Shortcuts for resizing image and canvas in Photoshop CS2

Creating a Secured PDF From Photoshop

Why We Need Prints in a Digital World

Need a Person in Your Location Shot? Just Wait

Click here to read Edmund Ronald's column 'Raw Format Is a Lifesaver'.

Fine Printing your Photographs - 1st of 7 articles

How to care for your camera and the images it produces

Photoshop Elements Learning Center

Delivering Files That Print

How to care for your camera and the images it produces

Making the most of slides and negatives

What makes a great photograph?

Shortcuts for resizing image and canvas in Photoshop CS2

Imaging Tip of the Day: Adjust Opacity while Free Transforming

On Photographing Birds of Different Feathers

Texturing Skin in Adobe Photoshop, Part 3 Creating freckles ...

Know-how can make retouching photos a snap

The Zen of White Balance

Correcting White Balance in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw

If it's Called "White Balance," Why Do People Use Gray Cards?

Texturing skin in Adobe Photoshop Part 1: creating the base ...

Watermark Your Photographs

Imaging Tip of the Day: SkinTune Photoshop Plugin

Working with Actions in Photoshop CS - By Seán Duggan - Real World Digital Photography site

Photoshop Techniques for Removing Red-Eye - Real World Digital Photography site


Photography Tips

______________________________________________________________________________ Top Ten Digital Photography Tips

Focus on Photography - How to Take Travel Pictures Like a Pro - Free from Fodor

Photography tips for the traveler Provides Free Tips for taking Photos

Internet Brothers - Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

Digital Photography Composition Tips

New York Institute of Photography - Tips for Better Photographs

Digital Cameras Help and Tips

Taking Great Pictures - Kodak site


Photoshop Tips


Photoshop Tips & Tricks

Digital Photography Composition Tips

Internet Brothers - Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

Adobe Photoshop Tips

Laurie McCanna's complete list of Photoshop tutorials

EyeWire: Tips

Jay Arraich’s Photoshop Tips

Jeff's Photoshop Tips and Tricks - Amazing Photoshop Tutorials, tips, Photo ...


Tip: Hide Bridge as you move to Photoshop

Tip: Brushes and bracket keys

Open an image from Adobe Bridge into Photoshop CS2

Correcting White Balance in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw

Wiki based Photography Glossary - Ever growing user supported glossary

Camerapedia - Ever growing user supported

Free new Video Tutorials - From Photoshop site - This is to promote the new Photoshop Secrets CS2 for Photographers Video CD.

Photography, Digital Photography and Photoshop Podcast Page - A Resource for audio feeds related to these topics

Wikipedia Camera RAW

Google Suggest Search Result on RAW

Google Suggest Search Result on RAW Converter

Working with RAW

Understanding RAW Files

Why Use Your Camera’s RAW Format?

RAW resources

Understanding Digital RAW Capture

Working with RAW files in CS2

If it's Called "White Balance," Why Do People Use Gray Cards?

Photography Resources Review

Feature: Make your images last - Strategies for saving and keeping your precious photos - MacWorld article


Earthbound Light Site

The following articles are found on the Earthbound Light site.

Photo Tips Archives with many more articles here


Dodging and Burning in the Digital Darkroom

Advanced Sharpening in Adobe Photoshop

The High Pass Way to Sharpen in Photoshop

Behind the Unsharp Mask: The Secret World of Sharpening

Adobe Camera Raw: Saving Conversion Settings

What to Make of Adobe's New DNG Raw Format

The Adobe Camera Raw Detail Tab

Some RAW Files Aren't so Raw After All

Just What is a RAW File Anyway?

File Formats for Digital Imaging

Another Good Way to Clean Your Lenses, and Several Ways Not To

It's Lens Cleaning Time

Sensor Cleaning: Where Is That Dust Hiding, and What Do I Do About It?

Color Management: The Eyeglasses Analogy

Color Management Answers for Photoshop Elements

Stealing Contrast with Photoshop Curves

Curves, Curves, Everywhere Curves

Curves (and Other Goodies) for Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Curves: Stepping Up From Levels

More on Photoshop Levels

The 1-2-3 of Photoshop Levels

Just Say "No" to Brightness and Contrast in Photoshop

Your Friend, the Histogram

More Than a Bit of a Difference: 8-bit Versus 16-bit

More on the Subject of 8-bit Versus 16-bit

Matrix Metering with Digital

The Exposure "Stops" Here

The Rule of Thirds

Three Common Problems with Adobe Camera Raw for Photoshop CS

Photography Dictionaries and Definitions

Three Simple Tips for Sunsets

Do You Really Need a Circular Polarizer?


Web Resources: Norman Koren Photography

Some Topics from this site below


Introduction: RAW conversion

Light & color

Matting and framing

Dynamic Range

Gamma and contrast


Measuring tonal response and dynamic range

Achieving ultimate tonal quality


Color Management: Introduction

Making masks

Contrast masking

Tinting and hand coloring B&W images


Luminous Landscape

Recent articles of note


Making the Transition from Film to Digital

The RAW Flaw

Understanding ProPhoto RGB

Three Must-Have Photoshop Plug-ins


Luminous Landscape Understanding Series

Click Titles to view articles below


Understanding Printer Colour Management

Understanding Raw Files

Understanding Local Contrast Enhancement

Understanding Contrast Masking

Understanding Digital USM

Understanding MTF Charts

Understanding Histograms

Understanding Digital Sensor Cleaning

Understanding Digital Workflow

Understanding Mirror Lock-Up

Understanding Medium Format

Understanding Depth of Field

Understanding Polarizers

Understanding Lens Contrast

Understanding Bokeh

Understanding Bit Depth

Understanding Sharpness

Understanding Resolution

Understanding Camera Movements

Understanding Colour Theory

Understanding the DSLR Magnification Factor

Understanding SLR Viewfinders

Understanding Exposure

Understanding Digital Blending

Understanding ProPhoto RGB

Understanding Panoramic Stitching


Advanced Blending Modes - Handbook - Free Download (12 page .pdf) - Ben Willmore - 12 Page .pdf here

Photoshop Plugins - Lots of them from Photoshop Roadmap site

Experimenting with RAW format photos

Moving layer masks the old way in Photoshop CS

Guidebook on Adobe Photoshop - History of Photoshop, tools and more

Layer mask improvement in Photoshop CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Tiger upgrade a no-brainer

Top 100 Photoblogs     

New layers shortcuts on Photoshop CS2

Learning Layer Comps

Locking layers is a pain. - All about Photoblogs - A Photoblog FAQ of sorts

5 Free PSCS2 Video Tutorials - From Layers Magazine - VidTuts for these PSCS2 subjects: Vanishing Point 1, Vanishing Point 2, Warping, Smart Guides, Smart Sharpen.

Free CS2 Tutorials

Free Photoshop Brushes - Created by Stephanie Shimerdla

Digital Photography: Evaluating Images and Adjusting Photographic Tonal Values

Photoshop Tips: Sharpening Image Edges in Photoshop

Photoshop CS2 Custom Menus and More

New Downloads from

Keyboard shortcut for Zoom In displays Spotlight menu (Photoshop CS-CS2, Photoshop Elements 3.0 on Mac OS X v10.4)

A Review of a CS2 Review

Tip: Marquee-selecting layers in Photoshop CS2

Photoshop CS2 for the Web Essential Training - With Tanya Staples - The following video tutorial samples are free:

1. Understanding the Interface

: :Interface Overview   - 8:11 (9 MB)

::Customizing Palette Locations - 7:01 (8.3 MB)

::Saving Custom Palette Locations - 5:09 (7.3 MB)

::Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts - 7:17 (12.1 MB)

::Customizing Menus - 6:56 (9.3 MB)

::Saving Custom Workspaces - 3:25 (4.6 MB)

  2. Organizing Assets

::Using the Welcome Screen - 1:44 (2.3 MB)

::Understanding the Bridge Interface - 9:23 (18.6 MB)

Photoshop CS2 Essential Training - with: Michael Ninness - The following video tutorial samples are free:

::Welcome - 0:48 (0.9 MB)

1. Interface Essentials

::The Default Workspace - 3:28 (5.1 MB)

::Palette Management - 5:39 (9.4 MB)

::Customizing Your Workspace 3:44 (5.6 MB)

::Customizing the Menus - 5:01 (8.1 MB)

::Customizing the Keyboard Shortcuts - 4:08 (6.6 MB)

::Tools and Tool Presets - 9:21 (13.7 MB)

::Essential Preferences - 12:12 (21.1 MB)

::Using Help - 4:55 (8.3 MB)

  2. Navigation

::The Document Window - 6:15 (9.2 MB)

::Using the Navigator Palette - 2:27 (4.3 MB)

::Panning and Zooming - 5:25 (10 MB)

::Changing Screen Modes - 6:25 (12.6 MB)

::Managing Multiple Document Windows - 3:58 (7.7 MB)

::Changing the Matte Color - 1:43 (2.8 MB)


Dr. Russell Brown’s PS Tips and Techniques - Excellent Free Video Tutorials from the master. Recently added CS2 Video Tuts added.


Enhance your photos with High Pass (Veerle's blog)

Video: Faking Long Exposures in Photoshop (ArtWorld)

Photoshop Tutorials by Ivan Raszl (

Free Photoshop Video Tutorials - and more... (PhotoshopTechniques Forums)

New Photoshop Tips - From the Adobe Evangelist site - Lots of great info in .pdf format.

Free Actions, Scripts Shortcuts for Photoshop CS2 - Trevor Morris’ long-running Photoshop portal

"Empowering Ideas" Adobe CS2 Tour -

Photoshop Scripts - Lots of free scripts from the Trevor Morris site

Photoshop  - Was just made aware of this site - Some tuts from this site below:


Photoshop Lab Tips Page

Ripped and Torn Edges and Stuff

Photomerge: Snapshots to Poster Prints

Creating Sunsets with Silhouettes

Half Sketch Effect

Easy Two Tone Silhouette

Learning Layer Comps

Aging People

Old Time Photo Effect

Easy Website Rollovers

Photoshop Tool Basics

Pen Tool Crash Course

Change Your Car Color

Custom Borders and Edges


From the Unofficial Photoshop Weblog


Linking layers in CS2

New Take on Seamless Backgrounds and Textures

The New CS2 Layers Palette

Tip: Selecting the contents of a layer

Synchronizing color settings across Adobe CS2 apps


Tutorials from From Good-Tutorials site


Adobe Bridge Overview and Tips

Gaussian Blur Effects

Sea - Learn how to create the sea

History Brushes

Black and White Abstract

Spider Web

Old Picture - Make your picture look antiquated.

Edit Antique Ads

Creating Light Rays

Burning Flames - Video Tutorial

Aged Photo - Make your new snapshots look like old photographs.

Hue/Saturation Control

Glowing Text

Photo Touchup - A total makeover tutorial. Transform any portrait photo into the looks of an model

Glamour Photo

Stylish Rounded Borders

Engraving - Create engravings in Photoshop.

Photo to Sketch - Learn how to convert photos to sketches

Combining Images - Learn how to put a woman in a glass bottle. Really. Placing a person behind or into a transparent object is easy as pie.

Photo Makeover - Learn how to touch up and airbrush your photos.


Tutorials at Lunacore - Nice site with detailed PS Tutorials and more

A few selected Tutorials from Lunacore site:


Removing a blue haze - A technique to remove a blue haze that you quite often see in pictures of mountains and valleys.

Postage Stamp - How to create a postage stamp.

Non-Destructive Editing - A very extensive tutorial that demonstrates many different non-destructive techniques using numerous examples.

Car name in chrome - An easy to understand tutorial with many details, screenshots and tips in which we create a car brand name in chrome on a painted background

Photo to line drawing   - A new approach to convert a photo to a line drawing, that works better than some of the older and more common techniques.


Beginning Photography Tips - Top 10 Techniques for Better Pictures

Photography Field Techniques - How to make better photos

Photoshop CS Tutorials and Resources - Lots of resources,

Extracting a Drawing from it’s Background

Digital Photography Blogs Resource - A huge listing of sites

Tiger OSX 10.4 Tiger page - Major revised with impending April 29 release

Tiger OS X 10.4 Tiger Spotlight Page - Clearinghouse for Spotlight

Tiger OS X 10.4 Tiger Dashbaord Widgets Page - Clearinghouse for Dashboard Widgets

Mac Security Page

NASA’s Astronomy Photo of the Day Archive - One of my favorite Photo sites - Caution, some of these are copyrighted so find out before you print. Ethical use of others photos is the best policy for everybody IMHO.

Digital Photography Forums - site

Hubble Picture Album

Printing Hubble Space Telescope Online Photos - In 3 steps - Observe any copyrights

Tutorials, Photo Manipulation and much more - Weichert Creative site

Understanding Layer Masks - A new Tut. by Flora at Retouch Pro site. Thanks to Danny Raphael for passing this along.

The Awesome Power of Layer Masks - by Vikki Hanson - Retouch Pro site

Turning a Photo into a Renoir - A Tutorial by Cricket Blake

Turning a Flower Photo into a Painting - A Tutorial by Cricket Blake

Turning a Photo of an Orchid into a Painting - A Tutorial by Cricket Blake

Tutorial: Depth of Field - Excellent explanation / Tutorial - Cambridge in Colour site

Tutorials - Cambridge in Colour site

Photoshop Online Resource Guide DOF page updated

All about Classic cars in photos and text - Another of my personal passions and Photographic preference.

Photoshop Tutorials - site. Webmasters resources

15 Photoshop Tutorials per Day - Good-Tutorials site

Photoshop Tutorials - Photoshop Roadmap site

How-To’s Day - Every other Tuesday - 5 effective Photoshop Tutorials - The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog

How-To’s Day archive - Tutorials archive - - The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog site

Photoshop CS2 Page added - To Photoshop Online Resource Guide - All about CS2 (so far).

Caravaggio Filter / Plugin - XERO Graphics and Web Design site

Caravaggio Filter Discussion - DPReview discussion with smaples and much more. - The Latest news and info about the top pixel-wrangling application on the planet

Photoshop Facts and Myths - site

Ben Willmore’s Photoshop Q&A Clinic #2

Mac Speed tests

Tips and Techniques - 23 extensive tips and techniques mostly in .pdf format and a few movies. PixelGenius site. Well worth checking out.

Cleaning Your Digital Camera - An entire website devoted to methods and techniques of cleaning your Digicam. Much of this has to do with cleaning the sensors on DSLR’s.

Digital Workflow Guidelines - Fred Miranda site

Painting a Tree Frog - By Richard Harris

Copyright Week - Yes, there is actually a week set aside to understand Copyrights. This page has several major links to understanding copyrights.

Inside Graphics Blog Spot

Optimizing Photoshop CS - By Gary Bouton

Histogram Links

Histogram Page

Original Post with the following 4 Histogram links - Digital Darkroom forum

Interpreting Your Cameras Histogram - Naturescapes site - by Greg Downing

A Practical Guide to Interpreting RGB Histograms

Your Friend, the Histogram - Earthhbound Light site

Histogram Basics - site

Photo Tips archives - Lot’s of great Tips from Earthbound Light site

Photoshop CS Performance Tips - Digital Darkroom forums post

Photoshop Elements Video Tips - Photoshop Elements Techniques site

Layer Masking - Making selective adjustments using. A tutorial and DPReview discussion by Uncle Frank.

Photoshop Tutorials, Filters, Actions and Brushes - Picture This Web Design and Graphics site

Zuber Photographics site - Photoshop Tips, tricks and Tutorials

Difficult Extractions with PSCS - A Tutorial by Scott Weichert

Luminous Landscape Tutorials - “A-Z”

Contrast Masking - Updated tutorial - Luminous Landscape site

Understanding Local Contrast Enhancement - Luminous Landscape site

Photoshop Digital Imaging Many video Tutorials - Adobe Studio site

Digital Darkroom Forums - Digital Darkroom site

Easter Egg Tutorial - Create realistic looking colored pastel eggs

New Out of Frame Tutorial - Using Photoshop to Make an Image Jump Out of Frame - site

Beginner Photo Restoration - Photoshop Tutorial - Designer Today site

Plugins site - Lot of nice plugins (I am told). Freeware (I think). PC Only. Xero Graphics site.

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop - Nice introduction to Basic and advanced tools and more.

Thanks to KentC. for this link.

Basic Beginner tutorials - Developing site. Thanks to KentC. for this link.

Taking Photos Forum - Active forum discussion tips, tricks and questions about digital and film photography. ePhotozine site.

Method to add punch to your photos - Small tut plus action download. Part of a DPReview discussion.

Adding Punch - Your first steps technique - Nice little basic tut. to improve your images. ePhotozine site.

Free Photoshop Tutorials - Over 1,000 tuts - Tutorialized site

Montage-A-Google - Make montages of selected images. Just a fun thing to play with. Example: Type in “Deuce Coupe” and watch what happens

Tips and Tutorials - Some nice tips and tutorials from site

Transform - Skew, Distort, Perspective. A simple tutorial - Photoshop 101 site

Free Photoshop Newsletter - Click on Join this Group - Sent via e-mail on a regular basis - PS6 site

New Video Tutorial - Blended Exposures: A Simpler Approach to Extending Dynamic Range. The Light’s Right Studio site.

PS Tutorials - Lots of PS Tuts with a few video tutorials - 80Four site

Optimizing Photoshop CS - Que Publishing site

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Approx. 30 nice tuts - Pegaweb site

Photoshop Encyclopedia - Free Photoshop eBook Download (word version) - A donation is respectfully asked for. The full .pdf version with Hyperlinks and graphics requires a pay for password.

Easy Reflections - Simple approach to creating reflections - Stealth Designs site

Noise Reduction Tool Comparison - Michael Almond Portfolio site

Photoshop Tips - A dozen nice tips - From the DustyLens site

Abstract Art Frame - Tutorial - DustyLens site

Digital Camera Resources - From DigicamHelp site

P2B Perfect Skies version 2.0 - Nice freeware action to correct blown out and not so perfect skies.

Photoshop Crash Course - This covers earlier versions of Photoshop but useful info just the same for those new to PS.

NASA’s Picture of the Day Archives - Not really PS related but this is one of my all time favorite sites with stunning outer space photos each day and more.

2 Free Demo PS Video Tutorials - Of course this site is trying to sell you the whole package but you can demo 2 of the video tuts for free.

Gail’s Favorite DPreview threads

DPreview Photograph Tips - Compiled by members, for members

Photoshop 101 - Over 2000 Tutorials - This page shows the top rated tutorials. You can view the latest, most viewed and more.

Eye Wire Mini Tips

Planet Photoshop Tips of the Day   Sent via e-mail once you simply enter your e-mail address in the box upper left.

Digital Darkroom Tips of the Day - Sent to you via e-mail once you simply enter your e-mail address. Thanks to Mr. Jalapeno for this link.

Ben’s Photoshop Tip of the Week via e-mail. Also you can subscribe for Ben’s PS Question of the Week.

Ben’s Photoshop Tip of the Week archives

My Favorite Photoshop Links - Eyes on Design web site

Shanzcan Photoshop and Related Links

Mr. Jalapeno’s Workflow - Click on this discussion URL and scroll down to the Post by “Mr. Jalapeno”. Excellent advice and info. IMHO.

Two great sites for those just getting started with Photoshop:

Jay Arraich’s Photoshop Tips All the tips you need to get started

Instant Photoshop: A Fast Start Introduction to Photoshop for Photographers - Luminous Landscape site

The above 6 are free. The rest will set you back a chunk of change. I make no recommendations pro or con here. Simply passing along some free info.

Adjusting Skin Tone - Very nice Tutorial on Smugmug site - Thanks to Isabel Cutler for suggesting this.

Retro Imaging Tutorial, Adobe Photoshop Desaturation Tutorial

Create a Glamour Portrait in 30 seconds - From the Photoshop Support website.

Lots of useful Photoshop related links here:

Kyle Bellamy Graphic Design site. Go here and click on tutorials:

16 Photoshop Lessons to turn Colored Photographs to Black and White

Inside Graphics site

PEI Magazine Tutorials archives

Tutorials for year 2004, from this site you will also see links for archived tutorials for years 2003, 2002, 2001 and 2000.

PS Workshop

Photoshop Tools - Go to link below, click on tool and you will get a video tutorial telling you about that tool and how to use it. This is free information presented by the As Simple as Photoshop site in hopes you will purchase their product(s). The video voice is a computer voice but quite clear and useful just the same.

Basic Photoshop Concepts video tutorials. This section is free and useful if you are a newbie or wish to brush up on your basic PS skills. This is also from the Simple as Photoshop Site.

I make no recommendations pro or con about this sites product. Simply pointing out some free information offered there.

Tutorials - Over 100 PS Tutorials you can try - site

Photoshop Basics Tutorials - Most popular first - PSLOVER site

Photoshop Reference Guide - Informit site - Quite extensive basic information and best of all free!

Teach Yourself Photoshop in 4 - 14 Days

Favorite links posted by DPReview Retouching Forum users:

Favorites have been moved here:


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Wikipedia - Free online Encyclopedia - Search any of 500,000 articles

Apple Macintosh - Wikipedia articles about the Apple Macintosh

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger - Wikipedia articles about the Apple Macintosh OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Mac OSX - Wikipedia articles about the Apple Macintosh OSX

Wikitosh - Wikitosh is a new wiki developed specifically for Mac Users

Adobe Photoshop - Extensive listing of articles on all aspects of Photography from the

  Wikipedia free online Encyclopedia.

Photography - Extensive listing of articles on all aspects of Photography from the Wikipedia

  free online Encyclopedia.

Digital Photography - Extensive listing of articles on all aspects of Digital Photography from

  the Wikipedia free online Encyclopedia.


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Photoshop is a Registered Trademark for Adobe Systems, Inc

The Photographers Right - Your rights as a photographer - .pdf file

7 Online Copyright Myths

Online Netiquette

The Nature Photographers Code of Ethics

A comprehensive listing of Photoshop tips , tricks , tutorials , plug-ins , actions , workflow and more mostly culled from DPReview's Retouching Forum . The emphasis of this site is on retouching. I am now expanding the list to include basic Digital Photography info as well as specific categories of Digital Photography such as Nature, Landscape and portrait photography. Most but not all of this info is free. This list will be continually updated for the next few months. It will be indexed by subject and finely honed but will remain a simple site of links to easily navigate (hopefully). Your additions, suggestions and help openly solicited. Please advise of any bad or improper links.

I want to thank the many wonderful contributors on the Retouching Forum and others that contributed to the existence of this index. I have contributed little except to compile these links to some really wonderful Photoshop info.

Thanks to all who contributed to make this guide possible

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