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Photoshop Topics beginning with the letter “C”

Language Translation Tools Translate any web page from (nearly) any language to another language

Underlined text below = links

DPReview's Retouching Forum

Calendar Templates to Cutout

Calendar Templates

Calendar Template Action by Doug Morgan

Free printable 2005 Calendar Templates

2005 8 1/2 X 11 Calendar templates - Discussion and link(s)

Trimoons 2005 11 X 17 Calendar templates - Discussion and zip file

Calendar Templates 2005

Camera Shake

Tips for reducing Camera Shake - Tips and DPreview discussion - Thanks to Isabel Cutler for this link


Trimoon's Photoshop downloads

Canvas color    

Canvas size    

Canvas Texture    


Caricature Tutorial - From an entire site apparently devoted to Caricature development

Caricature Discussion

How to draw a caricature   This is the old fashioned way. No Photoshop here.

Cast a Shadow


Channel Mixer

Channels Palette

Channel Substitution

Channel Tutorials

Change Color

Change Color in an Image - Video Tutorial


Charcoal Effect    

Charcoal Filter    

Chroma Key

Chromatic Aberration    


Clean Up Tool    

Clipping Layers    

Clipping Masks

Clipping Paths    

Clone Stamp    

Clone Tool

Clone Stamp Tool

Introduction to the Clone Tool

Discover the Clone Stamp

Putting on a new face with the Clone Tool


Clouds and Skies

Perfect Sky Action / Tutorial Repair blown out sky's and more

Changing the Sky A Tip of the Week Tutorial

Selecting Sky

Adding a Sky and preserving detail

Help Replacing a sky Discussion, help and samples

9 Steps to Create Realistic Reflections Such as reflecting the sky in the water

Thanks to Kent C for these links:

Skies clouds links .../read.asp?forum=1006&message=9835760 ...;category=nature_elements&search=search..

Stock images

Cold Effect

Cold Effect - A simple tutorial

Collage / Montage

Google Suggest Search on Photoshop Collage tutorial

Google Suggest Search on Photoshop Montage Tutorial

Photoshop Montage Made Easy Photoshop 911 Tutorials site

Photoshop Collage and Montage Several good tuts including basic understanding of layers and masks

Blending / Layering /  Masking Tutorial - To create Montages

Another discussion on Collage making

Collage / Montage dicussion DPReview discussion thanks to Kent C. for this link

Santa Collage discussion Dpreview discussion thanks to Kent C. for this link

John Huff's Multi Exposure Collage Tutorial DPReview tut and discussion thanks to Kent C. for this link.

Yirmon Montage DPReview tutorial and discussion. Thanks to Kent C. for this link.

Blending / Layering / Masking Tutorial To achieve a Collage

Collage Maker software

Perth Digital Collage discussion Dpreview discussion

Montage-A-Google - Make montages of selected images. Just a fun thing to play with. Example: Type in “Deuce Coupe” and watch what happens

Color  This Topic now on it's own page

Color Cast    

Color Cast Removal

Removing Color Cast    

Color Dodge    

Color Dodge Brush Mode

Color Halftone    

Color Halftone Filter


Colorizing Tutorial - User supplied - GFX Void site

Color Management

Qimage Color Management Information


Color Palette    

Color Samplers    

Color to Black and White


Photographic Composition Using KISS for a Higher WOW factor! By Jarrell Conley

Guidelines for Better Photographic Composition

Digital Photography Composition Tips

Teach Yourself Composition - A simple Tutorial with photos - by Julian Hebbrecht

Compose like the Pros 10 Tips for creating stronger and more dramatic Photographs - Outdoor Photographer site

Having an Eye for Detail

Keep it Simple

Photography Composition Articles

Composition Tips


Composite discussion - Samples and discussion

Composite sample photos

Some Composite Ideas- Photos

Compositing an Imaginary Place with Photoshop

Compound Paths

Constrain Proportions    


Understanding Local Contrast Enhancement - From Luminous Landscape

Contrast Masking Tutorial

Photoshop Contrast Levels

Contrast Masking Tutorial Includes free action


Converting to Black and White

    Also see B&W page    

Copy / Paste

Copy / Paste tips - Digital Mastery site by Ben Wilmore

Copyright issues and Photoshop actions to add Copyright info to your photos

Copyright actions - Discussion and links

Adding embossed copyright info

Copyright issues discussion

Copyright issues in Digital Media - Government paper

Photoshop Tools - TLR Apply Copyright

Simple Embossed Copyright / Signature Tutorial

Watermarking in PS CS - Discussion, action and comment

Adding a Signature or Copyright to your photos - A simple tutorial

The Photographer's Right - Your rights when stopped or confronted for Photography

Downloadable flyer

Creating Vignettes

Creating Vignettes

Feathering edges - Vignettes in Photoshop

Crop and Straighten

Crop Marks

Crop Marquee    

Crop Problem    


Cropping Images with Photoshop - Tutorial - Guru's Network Site

Cropping in Photoshop CS DPReview discussion

Temporary Crop or non-destructive cropping?

Crop Tool    

Cropping Images

Crystal Effect    

Crystalize Filter    

Curtain Effect    

Curves also see Curves Page

Also see Using and Understanding Curves

Introduction to Curves Detailed 3 part tut.- From Guru's Network

Curves Primer

About Curves

Learning Curves - From How to Cheat in Photoshop by Steve Caplan. Go to this site and then select Learning curves. It is a large pdf file equaling 2 pages in the actual book.

Curves are an adomination

RGB individual Curve adjustment Part 3 from the Guru's Network

Curves - site


To other Photoshop Online Resource Guide Pages:

FAQ (Preliminary)

Sharpening, All About


Photoshop is a Registered Trademark for Adobe Systems, Inc

The Photographers Right - Your rights as a photographer - .pdf file

7 Online Copyright Myths

Online Netiquette

The Nature Photographers Code of Ethics

A comprehensive listing of Photoshop tips, tricks, tutorials, plug-ins, actions, workflow and more mostly culled from DPReview's Retouching Forum. The emphasis of this site is on retouching. I am now expanding the list to include basic Digital Photography info as well as specific categories of Digital Photography such as Nature, Landscape and portrait photography. Most but not all of this info is free. This list will be continually updated for the next few months. It will be indexed by subject and finely honed but will remain a simple site of links to easily navigate (hopefully). Your additions, suggestions and help openly solicited. Please advise of any bad or improper links.

I want to thank the many wonderful contributors on the Retouching Forum and others that contributed to the existence of this index. I have contributed little except to compile these links to some really wonderful Photoshop info.

Thanks to all who contributed to make this guide possible

Ken Leonard

Belmont Shore, SoCal