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Photography and Photoshop Online Resource Guides - This is the second set of links as the first page was becoming too large. As time permits, all of these links will be included in the categorized portions of the guide.

Part of the Photoshop Online Resource Guide

Created and Compiled by Ken Leonard

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Over 3.00 links to great articles, tips and techniques and growing

Created and Compiled by Ken Leonard

Photoshop Online Resource Guide Latest Links 2 - 3,000 + links

Photoshop Online Resource Guide Latest Links 1 - 4,000 + links

All about Photoshop

Mac Related Pages: Tiger Spotlight Automator Widgets Mac Tips

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All about Classic Cars in Photos and Text

All about Automotive Photography

28,000 + Classic Car Photos

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DPReview's Retouching Forum

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Digital Photography FAQ

Dictionary of Photography - covers 1,500 terms

The Dictionary of Film and Digital Photography

A History of Photography - From it’s beginnings Till  the 1920’s - by Dr. Robert Leggat M

Photography Glossary

Camerapedia Glossary


Legality and Copyright for Photographers

Legal Rights of Photographers

UK Photography Rights Guide

The Right’s of Photographers (when shooting in public places)

Copyright and  Photography : Whose Picture Is It?

Photography  And The Law

Respect in Photography

Photo thieves


Photography Pages devoted to a single subject

part of the Photoshop Online Resource Guide


Photography Tips - 2,500+ links

All about Action Photography

All about Automotive Photography

All about Candid Photography

All about Christmas Photography

All about Landscape Photography

All about Low Light Photography

All about Macro Photography

All about Pet Photography

All about Portrait Photography

All about Photographic Composition

All about Photographic Depth of Field

Tournament of Roses 2006

Copyrights and your Rights as a Photographer

Model Releases - Quite compete document along with an actual sample release.


Latest Photography and Photoshop links Content Below


Extract Filter to Outline Complex Subjects

Photoshop Digest - New Photoshop Tutorial site

4 Easy Photoshop Techniques to Make your Images POP

Tutorial to Create a Pattern on Fabric

Depth With Curves

Vanishing Point

Sepia Effect

Picture Cube

Creating HDR Images in Lightroom

Colouring an Illustration in Photoshop

Digital Painting From Photography

Golden Diffused Effect

Adding a Grunge Effect to Photos

Fixing an Overexposed Sky

DIY with Blending Modes

Night in a Photo

Realistic Ice Effect

Create a Polaroid Photograph in Photoshop

Convert to Oil Painting

Vectors Explained

Removing Power Lines

See engine through hood

From Image to Painting

Whiten Teeth in  Photoshop

Camouflaged Text

Color Masking

Photoshop Video Tutorial - Change Photograph Edges

Adobe Unveils Photoshop Lightroom 1.0

Lightroom 1.0 - Digital  Photography  Podcast 67

How To Use  Photoshop  To Create Quick CSS Mockups

Hand-Coloring Black and White Images

Photoshop  Tip: Remove objects from photos with Vanishing Point

Neat hidden  photoshop  trick

Let  Photoshop  Tell You The Highlight And Shadow

Hiding layer effects to work faster in Photoshop!

Episode 33: The Antique Store

5 easy ways to make money online with Photoshop

Useful Photoshop layer-handling scripts

Create Panoramic Photos in Photoshop CS3

Lightroom Learning Center

Photo Toning - Black And White - Sepia - Unnatural Tones Tutorial

Convert photo to line art

Change Eye Colors

Make a photo old and faded

In The Sky Photo Effect

Soft Focus Photo Effect

Color Masking

Using Forums to Learn Photoshop

Quick Glass Text Effect

In The Sky Photo Effect

Quick Photo Montage

Old School Filter Effect

Wild Grass Text

Soft Focus Photo Effect

Cute Candy Text

Coloring Your Photos

Change Photograph Edges /  Photoshop Video Tutorial

Water Drop Effect / Photoshop Video Tutorial

How to tell fake images from real ones using Photoshop

Text Flame Effect / Photoshop Video Tutorial

3D Angled Text - Photoshop video tutorial on creating 3D beveled text

Photoshop Photo Retouch Photoshop Video Tutorial - Remove Wrinkles ...

Easy Sepia Toning and Adding Depth

Keyboard Shortcuts for  Photoshop  CS2

Wacom Tablets: How to Get Started

Photo Retouch Tutorials - 313 Tuts as of this writing -

Photoshop Text Effects - 475 Effects Tutorials as of this writing -

Bling Bling Text

Plastic Text

Abstract Text

Lolly Pop Text

Embroidery Text

Grunge Text

Smoking Text

Gel Text

Electric Text

Car name in chrome

Disco style text effect sparkling as in the 70s

Wooden Effect

Beginners guide to Photoshop Layers (Part 1)

Beginners guide to Photoshop Layers (Part 2) - Borders

Photoshop Tips - Growing - A nice list of short and sweet Photoshop Tips

Removing a Color Cast with Curves

Text With Metal Border

Selective Shadow Recovery

Custom Brushes, Patterns and Shapes

Adding a Copyright Metafile to your Photos in  Photoshop  CS2

Simple Photo Sharpening Techniques

Multilayered Daisy Picture Frame

Knockout Text Through Layers

Top 5 Photoshop Tutorials

Linkage:  Photoshop  bonanza (36.365)

Brick Text

Realistic Vinyls Effect

Chrome Text

Shiny Text

Preventing Dark and Burnt Photos

Retro Background Effect

Psychedelic Effect with Colors

Watermark Your Work

Using Curves

Liquid Text

Abstract Fractured Text Effect

Engraved Gold Text

A Beginner's Guide to Actions & Droplets

10 Great Photoshop Tips!

Enhance Photo Contrast

Industrial Style Text

Wrapped Text Effect

Replace Color Tutorial

Devilish Text Effect

Free Photoshop Tips, Tricks and Tutorials - Another extensive Resource Guide

Essential Photoshop Tips - A series of tips and tricks to use in Photoshop that the typical user may not be aware of.

Photoshop CS3 Beta One-on-One Preview - with: Deke McClelland - 90 mins of video for free!

Beginners Guide to Photoshop

Best Online  Photoshop  Tutorials

Bicubic Sharper

Professional Touches

The Importance of Sharpness

Digital Photo Manipulation

Photographer's Site Template

Top 10 PS plugins

Websites for Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop tutorial: Basic face touch-up, smooth skin.

Working With Shadows In Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial - Camouflage Background Pattern

HDR Using Layer Masks

Window light effect

Super-Imposing Images

Change eye Colors Realistically

Make photos look very old

Realistic Out of Border Effect

Improved Eyes Color Change

Sand Story Photo Effect

Create Realistic 3d Box In Photoshop

Magnetic Lasso Vector Effect

Combine Two Text Layer Styles

Stylish Plastic Text

Gold and Ruby Text

Applying a Soft Focus

Creating Tiled Backgrounds

Intro to Blending Options

Photo to Notebook Paper

Working With Shadows

Photo Manipulation

Adding a Border

Basics of Using Layers

Abstract Text

Digital flower

Create realistic ice effect in photoshop

Silk pearl in photoshop

Old Gold Text Effect

Creating Black and White Images - CS3 tut

Wood Grain

The Alpha JPEG

Contrast Boosting

Creating a Silhouette of a Structure

Aligning Pictures

Digital Cross-processing

Disco Style Crystal Ball

From Image to Painting

10 Things You Can Do With Photoshop CS2 That You Could not Do Before Now

Add a New Sky to a Landscape - Beginner Level - Video Tutorial

Taming the Sky with Photoshop - Video Tutorial

Clone and Colour Correct a Portrait - Video Tutorial

Create an Infrared Picture from Your Digital File - Video Tutorial

Create Your Own Masterpiece - Video Tutorial

Creating Tiled Background in Photoshop

Easy Sepia Toning and Adding Depth

Throwing Some Light on Your Pictures

Learning how to use Color Modes

3D Digital Text Effect

Chrome Text

Old Gold Text Effect

3D Text

Beveled Contour Text Effect

Realistic Wood Texture for Sepia Photos

Photoshop Smart Objects: Are They That Smart?

Straightening Crooked Photos with Photoshop Elements - Podcast

Beginner's guide to Photoshop, part 1

Lesson 6a: Working With Type - Intro

Plastic Text

Beveled Contour Text Effect

Old Burnt Paper

3D Text

Beginner's Guide to Photoshop - Very basic getting started sorta of stuff - plus some disucssion

10 Things You Could Be Using Photoshop For But Probably Aren’t

Spiral Text

Photoshop CS3 New Features

Adobe Releases Beta Version of Photoshop CS3

Correcting Tone Using Levels

Color Matching in Photoshop

Sharp Bladed Text

CS3 Beta Indepth - Bridge

CS3 Beta Indepth - Adobe Camera RAW

How to Install the Adobe CS3 Beta

CS3 Beta Indepth - Photoshop, Part 1 - User Interface and ImageReady

CS3 Beta Indepth - Photoshop, Part 2 - Smart Filters

CS3 Beta Indepth - Photoshop, Part 3 - Black and White

Photoshop Tutorial: Tip for refining the HDR mask

Russell Brown Releases CS3 Video Tutorials

Tricky Selections in Photoshop - Video Tutorial

Improving and Editing Digital Landscape Photos

Removing the Background

Create Tileable Textures

Window Light Effect

Repeatedly Copy and Transform a Selection

Professional Text

Indent Text

Snow on Text

Adding Catch lights to the eyes

Convert images to black and white

Correct Red/Yellow colour casts

Create a vignette effect on your images

Add a Watermark to your images

Adjust colour saturation/enhance colours



Improve skin tones and increase highlights without Photoshop CS "Highlights" tool

Using the Paths Tool to Isolate your subject (Page is 500KB approx)

Remove blemishes from the face

Straighten Walls

Adjust Shadows and Colour

Effective Cloning

Effective Cloning

Stitching Panoramas

Partial Color in a Black & White Photo

Fixing Pet Eye: No More Demon-Eyed Cats and Dogs!

Image Reflection

Gold Text Effect

New digital photography guides from Adobe - 12 comprehensive articles available in pdf format

How to Sharpen an Image in Photoshop - Advanced Photoshop Sharpening Techniques

Photoshop Video Tutorials - Over 30 free ones

Free Video Photoshop CS2 Tutorials

Digital Star Effect

Grungy, Slimey Text Effect

How to:  HDR Photography

Using the Burn and Dodge Tool

Simple Photo Frame

Customizing Text Using Vectors

Creating Grunge Brushes

Blending Mode Essentials

Photographic Palettes

Photoshop Tutorial: Polaroid Images

Photoshop  Tutorials Roundup - I Cover The Waterfront - Lots of great video tutorials

Using Masks to Create a Spot Illustration

Tips from the Top Floor Photoshop Corner

01: Adjustment Layers

02: Curves

03: Layer Masks

04: Sharpening

05: Cropping

06: Burn/Dodge

07: Actions

08: Version Cue

09: Layer Magic I

10: Layer Magic II

11: More USM Tricks

12: Framing your Pictures

13: Adding Real Grain

14: Text in Circles

15: Add your Logo

16: Avoiding Jaggies

17: Sharpening Noisy Images

18: Quick Mask

YouTube Photoshop Video Tutorials

Correct Way To Convert Any Photo To Grayscale Video

Correcting Yellow in Photos

Photo Retouching in Photoshop

Resizing Images in Photoshop

High Contrast Black and White Photos

Removing Unwanted Elements in Photos with Photoshop

How to make photo border actions in Photoshop

Using layers for effects in Photoshop

Another photo effect with Photoshop

Photoshop QuickTips Vintage Colours

Digital Photography Lesson Fall Foliage

Fake a Shallow  Depth of Field

How to Remove Tourists from Your Photos

Understanding Histograms by Example

Warping Text with Smart Objects - Video Tutorial

Natural Color Tint

Alpha Channels - An Introduction

Dynamic Range - all about - Wikipedia

Chrome Text

10 Great Photoshop Tips!

The 5 Deadly Sins of Photoshop Compositing

Hand-Colouring Black and White Images with Photoshop CS

Photoshop Holiday Madness

Photoshop Tutorial: Tips for creating HDR layer masks using levels

Get Down and Dirty for a New Perspective

From Image to Painting

Magic Selections - Video Tutorial

How to Choose a DSLR Camera

Actions with Script Event Manager

Spot Color Channels

Photoshop Engraver plugin

Working with Type in Photoshop - Text Basics

5 Texture Tips: the key ingredients to great textures

Fix Color Cast in Photoshop

Realistic, complicated shadows in Photoshop

Selective Coloring tutorial

professional patterns in Photoshop!

Common Drop Shadow Mistakes

A Photoshop tutorial for photographers

Quick Image Coloring Tutorial for Photoshop

Photoshop Elements User Resources - tutorials tips downloads info - Large resource of articles

Vector Wallpaper

Create a torn edges effect in Photoshop

Creating brushes in Photoshop

Photo Edges Tutorials

Halftone Dots and Linear Light

Light Zoom Focal Point

The Extract Filter

Extracting Hair

Image Extraction / Wallpaper Creation

Object Extraction


Torn Edges Effect Tutorial

Adobe Lightroom Beta 4 Video Tutorial

Interactive image masking tool for Adobe  Photoshop

HDR: High Dynamic Range Photography

Compositing Images

(PDF’s) Photoshop Shortcuts - 3 different lists. One for PC’s, one for Mac’s and one other.

Essential Photoshop Tips

Creating a High Dynamic Range (HDR) Image

Adding a Beam of Light

How to Work with Light and Dark Edges in Photoshop

Text Blending Effect

Incredibly Simple Sketch Effect

Custom Chrome Text Effect

Digital Cosmetic Surgery

Glossy Photos

Masking For Effect!

Create a vintage looking image with Photoshop

5 Steps to achieve nice aqua effect

10 Great Photoshop Tips!

Adobe Photoshop - Grunge Border Effect

Abstract effects in Photoshop.

Photoshop Reflections


Super-Easy Blendy Backgrounds

2 Minute  Photoshop  Tricks - Podcasts

Photoshop Tips Part One: Workflow & Common Tasks

Photoshop  Tips Part Two: Edit Like a Pro

Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips Podcasts

Photoshop Video Tip - Taming the Skies

Basic Vector Tutorial

Optimising Images

Using Gradient Maps in Photoshop

5 Useful Photoshop Tips

Understanding Vector Masks

Pattern/silhouette tutorial using a layer mask

39 Photoshop Tips

5 Unique  Photoshop  Plugins You Should Be Aware Of

Raw 101: Better Images with  Photoshop  Elements and  Photoshop

Put Your Face on a Pumpkin - Tutorial

Photoshop  101 - The Slice Tool

Glowing Lights  Photoshop  Tutorial

Photoshop  Tutorial: Portrait Retouching technique

Understanding Swatches

Photoshop Fundamentals: Add Perspective With Vanishing Point

Photoshop How-To: Better Black and White

Refreshing Bridge

Toggling Bridge Views

Global Light Setting

Changing Image Resolution without Changing Quality

7 Photoshop Video Tutorials - Quickly learn some Photoshop Fundamentals with these 7 nice online video tutorials.

3 New Photoshop Video Tutorials

Two-Pass Lab Sharpening

Reducing Blue Channel Noise

Creating Vibrant Color

Photoshop Tutorial: non destructive high pass sharpening

Using Light to Create Texture in Your Photography

Your Own Massive Signature in Sand

Burnt Paper Edges

Flower Text

Dirty Text

Sparkle Text

Surreal Soft Focus Effect

Photo to Abstract Expressionist Image

Understanding & Correcting White Balance

Simple Photo Sharpening Techniques

 Cropping in Photoshop By Nehle

10 MORE Ways to Make Money with your Digital Camera

Rescuing A Bad Photo

Crumbled Gold Text Effect

Vintage Photo Effect

Battlestar Galactica Text

111 Free Photoshop Compatible Plug Ins - Most for Windows based PC’s, some for both PC’s and Mac’s and a few for Macs only.

Photoshop Basics - Good Tutorials site - Hundreds of PS Basics tutorials

Text Effects - Good Tutorials site - Hundreds of text effects

Improving Faded Images - For this and other tutorials

Retouching with Vanishing Point (CS2)

Photo Retouch - Hundreds of Retouch Tutorials - From Good Tutorials site

Correcting Images Exposed under Wrong Light Source

Photoshop Tutorial - Post Processing: Painting Light on Photographs

Simulate Depth of Field in Photoshop - Video Tutorial

Dreamy Photos in Photoshop - 3 Steps to Glamour Shots

Remove White Using Channels

Photoshop  tutorial - The  Basics  Of Signature Making

Guide to Vectoring

Manipulating Depth of Field

Furry Text

Remove Wrinkles Under Eyes

Removing Watermarks

Straighten Horizon

Advanced Blending

Lights Text Effect

Melted Glass Plate Text Effect

Chrome Effect

Half Wireframe Photo

Speeding Flames Text

Spring Text

Photo Manipulation: Turn a Real Photo to a Surreal Photo

Earth and Moon Photo Effect

Gradient Navigation Bar

Glass Ball

Correction of Urban Photos

Adding Aurora to Your Night Photos

Photo Color Correction and Balance

Photo Color Correction and Photo Effects in Photoshop

Falling Star Text

Photoshop  101 - The Move Tool

Photoshop  Tutorial Extracting Images from Backgrounds

Photoshop Converts a Photo into a Pencil Sketch

10 Tips For Using Adobe  Photoshop

Wood Veneer Texture

Contrast Layers

Create Old Photos

Removing Watermarks

Create a Pop Illustration

Text Reflection

Golden Text

Simple Steps to Photo Touchup

Bamboo Text Effect

Auto Stroke Paths

Advanced Background Extraction - Click to view video tutorial

5 Great Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop - Isolate objects. Extract objects. Cut out an image. Remove a background.

Creating Smooth Shiny Hair

Remove Wrinkles

Color Changing

Photo Brighten

Retouching Images

Industrial Text

Dirty Text

Flashy 3D Text

Half Sepia

10 Tips For Using Adobe  Photoshop

Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Tips for Beginners 1

Photoshop Tips for Beginners 2

Photoshop Tips for Beginners 3

Photoshop Tips for Beginners 4 - Nice new site with many good Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials, Actions, HotKeys and more. Another resource guide

Photoshop Basics & Tools

Photoshop Basics - Tutorials for Photoshop Beginners - web site

Free Photoshop Video Tutorials - Lots of them from the Video-Tut site

3 Freely Available e-Books for Photoshop CS and Photoshop 7

    e-books at above link include:

        Photoshop CS All-In-One Desk Reference (pdf) - 26 MB

        Adobe Photoshop CS in 10 Simple Steps or Less (pdf) - 14 MB

         How to Use Adobe Photoshop 7 (chm)  14mb

25 Photoshop (CS2) Tips for Photographers

How to boost contrast with Photoshop curves

Useful Links Pool - A DPReview Forum thread of useful Photography, DSLR and Retouching links

Dealing with RAW

Photoshop: How to Make Smooth Curved Lines

Create Grunge Brushes with Your Existing Photos

A Brief Guide to Digital Photography

Photo Montage

Pink Text Effect

Metal Text

Edge Sharpening

Angled Reflection Text

Really Good Photoshop Tutorials

Making Changes Across Multiple Photos

Photo Frames

Five Photoshop Tips

Photoshop Tip: Color Range in Hue/Saturation

Tritone Images (using RAW)

Photography Tips and Lessons - Lots of nice articles and tutorials from Lexar

Video Tutorial: Using Clipping Masks in Photoshop

Create an Abstract Background

Using Clipping Masks

Creating Custom Brushes

Creating a Stencil

Patterned Frame Background

How to Add Textures to Your Text

Bling Bling Text

Smooth and Sleek Text

Text on Turf

Shredded Paper Text

Simple Photo Sharpening Techniques

Apply a Weather Effect to Your Text

Blending With Background

Making Old Photos

Making A Postage Stamp

Changing Sky Backgrounds

Layer Comps

Convert Black and White to Color

Polished Text

White Balance

Apply a Work Path to Text Words and Shapes

Photo Cropping

Create A Photoshop Color Wheel

Photo Pixelization

Selective Pop to Photo Elements

Text on a Path

Making Seamless Pattern

Optimising Images with Photoshop

Renders, Filters, Smudging, and Lighting

Sparkle Effect

Create a Brush from a Photo

Arcade Text

Creating Realistic Burns

Grunge Background

Quick n' Simple Flower Recoloring

Image Shaping

Patterned Image

Creating, Editing, and Testing Scripts

Retro Background Effect

Digital Cross-Processing

Grayscale Masks

Finding the Center of a Document

Neon Advertisement Text

Soccer Crazy Text

Fix Torn Photos

Converting Text To Shape

Layer Comps


Pipe Text

Futuristic Text

Photo Boost

Speed Text Effect

Ray of Light

Photoshop  tutorial - The  Basics  Of Signature Making

Grayscale to RGB

Enhancing Greens in a Photo

The Famous S-Curve Adjustment

Shadow Highlights

Selective Coloring

Polarizing Filter - simulate a polarizing filter in photoshop

Wooden Border

High Definition

Creating Face Mask

Broken Text

Refacing the Stature of Liberty

Guide to Luminosity

Black and White Images With Color

How to Delete and Replace an Image Background

Guide to Luminosity

Creating a Clipping Mask

Remove Date

Creating Seamless Textures from Scratch

Vibrant Colors for a Photo

Merging Images

Levels Adjustment

Abstract Photo Manipulation

Basic Text Effect

Water Texture

Digitally Coloring Lips

Teeth Whitening

The Toolbox

Tinting Windows

Soft Copyright Pattern

Photoshop Basics

Taking Control Over Depth of Field

Fix Underexposed Photos

Vector Blast

Hanging Text

How to Use Histograms - Ken Rockwell site

Easy Image Extraction with Pen Tool

10 digital compact camera mistakes ... and how to avoid them

New Photoshop Podcast Launched - A total of 6 hours of learning (free- by Richard Harrington

Photoshop Automator Actions v3.0 - For use with Mac OS X 10.4

Hanging Text

Sparkly Text Effect

Double Border

Make A Collage

Complex Cutouts - A Tutorial

Image Watermark

Online Photo Editors Compared

Adobe updates digital photography documents

Photoshop - Extract

Optimizing Images for Web

Photo Adjustment

Fine Text Effect

Improving Contrast, Depth, and Brightness

Grunge Borders - Quick Masking

Expressing Motion in Photography

Phosphorescence Photomanipulation

The Simple Way to Add Borders to Your Photos

Post Processing: Toning Black and White Images

Realistic Colors With Digital Photo

How to Digitally Enhance Eyes

Rescuing a Bad Photo

Using Painting Tools

Convert Image to Pencil Sketch

The Power of the Pen Tool

Colorful Beads Text Effect

Color Shift

Simple Images Blending Technique

The History Brush

Brush Tutorial

Three State Rollover Button

Selection Mask Quick Hacks

The Swatches Palette

Old Movie Effect

Customizing Photoshop: The Background

Travel Photography Lessons and Preparation

Iron Text Effect

Rope Text Effect

Groovy Text Effect

Feather Stroke Edges

Stone Age Text

Selectively Apply Filters

Applying and Creating Custom Contours

Enlarging Facial Features

Light Up Cracks

Getting Around Photoshop CS2, Part 2

Getting Around Photoshop CS2 , Part 1

Everything about Histograms - A Histogram Primer

Make the Colors Pop

Layer Masks

Cute Photo Scrapbook

Firework Effect

All about Photoshop, The Tools and Photoshop Shortcuts!

Working Smarter with Photoshop’s Adjustment Layers

Dark Photo Manipulation

Flower Pattern

Gel-Grunge Hybrid Text Effect

A Technique for Painting Hair

Color Restoration of 1950s Kodacolor Photos

Merging Images

Water From Below

Change the Mood of the Scene

Introduction to White Balance

Create a Smoke Effect

Broken Colored Glass Text Effect

Record an Action

Pro Text

Pop Art Style

Image Cutting

Adjusting exposure in Photoshop -- the basics: Fujifilm Talk Forum  ...

Impressionist Photo Effect

Semi Glass Text

Using Paths

Writing a Message in the Sand

3 Color Portfolio Layout

More on Histograms

Art Tutorial Link List - Quite large and detailed list of good links.

Glass Text

Flower Color Change

Painted Sketch

Removing Dust and Scratches

Clipping Masks

Retouching on a Separate Layer

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Apply Textures to Photos

Photoshop  Tip: Drag and Drop  Curves  for Quick Correction

Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

Turbulent Water

3D Color Spiral

Layering Fonts for Magazine Covers

Burning Pages

Photoshop  Tip: Rearranging Your Brushes

The Basics Of Signature Making

Fixing a Faded Image

Realistic Water Droplets

Different Glass Effects

Wood Texture

Glass Globe

Using the Displace Filter

High Dynamic Range ( HDR )  Photography  in Photoshop CS2

Colour Correcting Deep Green Water

The  Extract  tool

Watercolor Manipulation

Frozen Digital Flower

Photo to Painting

Removing Telephone Wires

Glossy Metal Text

Burning Text

Make a Nose Smaller

Create Realistic Rain

Wrinkle Removal

Photoshop Rendering

Sepia Photos

Creating Textures

Clean Glossy Text

History Palette

Starting Black and White Photography

Changing the Color Tone of Your Photos


Hair Manipulation

Framing Your Shots

Blending Modes

Classic Glass Orbs

Change Hair Color

Underwater Text

Stylize a Photo

Submerge an Abstract Under Water

How to Draw and Color Eyes

Getting Backgrounds Right

The Essence of Great Photos

The Glamour Effect

Image Blending

Photoshop Tools Reloaded

Basic Photomanipulation

Use a Grayscale Image to Create Shape

Force Lightning

Sepia Toning

Text That Follows a Path

3,700 + Photoshop Tutorials -

270 + Photoshop basics Tutorials -

Adobe Photoshop Tip: Photoshop's Extract filter

Sleek Text

Photoshop Tutorials - Photoshop Lab site

Photoshop Efects Tutorials - Photoshop Lab site

Free Photoshop Layer Styles by Shelby Kate Schmitz

Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 42

Using the Displace Filter

Colorizing a Black & White Image

Random Metal Text

Vintage Photo Effect

Photo Caricatures

Fake 3D Text

Fading Edges to Transparency

Bevel Impactive Text

Tree Carving Text

Photoshop CS2 Tutorial: RAW Workflow

Photoshop Tips - Photoshop Lab site

Photoshop How To: Merge Two Images for a Custom Collage

Photoshop Tutorial: Adjusting Flesh Tones

Lemonade from Lemons:  Photoshop  Help for Low-Light Photos

Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials

Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials - Great resource for all things Digital Scrapbooking

Photoshop Know How: Landscape 3 Ways

Creating Borders Around Your Photos

12 Tips for Photoshop Text

Fixing a Faded Image

Different Glass Effects

Wood Texture

Glass Globe

Disco Style Crystal Ball

Layering Fonts for Magazine Covers

Turbulent Water

Realistic Fog and Mist

The Basics Of Signature Making

Burning Pages

3D Color Spiral

Realistic Old Photo

Using Lens Flare Filter

Layer Masks

Green Text Effect

Ancient Scroll

UFO Photo Montage

Ribbon and Halftone Technique

Canvas Texture Effect

Speed Up Acrobat and  Photoshop

Photoshop  Tutorial: Instant Metallic Effect

Creating Pop Art

Superimpose a Picture in Text

Photoshop Tutorial: Adding Cool Borders

How to Crop Images

Creating Image Effects in Photoshop

Using Layer Masks

Creating a Water Effect

Portrait Retouching

28 Top Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Converting Colour to BW in  Photoshop  - a new trick

Turn a Photo into a Color Sketch

digital black and white conversion

High Key B&W Portrait

All About Adjustment Layers

Colorizing Black and White Photos

Enhancing Digital Photographs

Darkroom Techniques Produced Digitally - by Russ Burden

Trace an Image Using Paths

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Black and White

Photo Retouching  Skin

Create Lightning

Portrait Photo Enhancement

Photoshop Tutorial: High-Key B&W Portrait

High Key B&W Portrait

Designing with Golden Proportion

Burnout Text

Quick Sunsets

Rumpled Picture Effect

Retouching an Image

Nature Photomanipulation

Cool Frame

Stained Glass Effect

Overexpose Your Background

Adding Canvas Area

Unique Border

Shadowed Picture Frame

Metallic Structures

Picture to Pencil Effect

Bring Out and Focus

Sunflower Blur Focus

Professional Photo Editing

Signature: Step-by-step

Contact Sheet

Abstract Background

Creating Shadows by Hand

Brighten your teeth in  Photoshop

Photo Inside Text

Adjusting Skin Tones

Engraved Gold Text

Making a Panorama

Whitening Teeth

Automatic Image Correction

Overflow Blending Styles on Type

Shadows for Complex Objects

Glass Orb

Learning Photoshop the Easy Way - Lots of good tuts at Photoshop Tutorials Plus web site

Photoshop Tips and Techniques , Tutorials and Scripts - From Photoshop Users Group

Photoshop Tutorial: Cross Processing Color

Fresh  Photoshop  Brushes Download!

Photo Retouching  - Skin

Free  Photoshop  Actions - Lots of them - From the Light’s Right Studio

Photoshop How-To: Sophisticated Selections Made Simple

PhotoShop Massive List Of Plugins, Filters, Brushes, Actions & Gradients

Get tweaked: A roundup of plug-ins and actions

Using The “Orton” Method For Artistic Blending

Download Free Photoshop Brushes

A Primer on Image Histograms and Curves

Photoshop Levels versus Curves: Which Should You Use?

Photo Retouching: Sky Enhancement

Photo Retouching: Color Enhancement

Photo Retouching: Hair Color

Photoshop: Selections - 7 Tutorials

Masking: 7 Tutorials

Rough Edges: 7 Tutorials

Retouch the Depth of a Landscape Photo

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Black and White

Selective Color

Remove Unwanted Objects

Working with Layer Sets in Photoshop 7

Curves: Part 1

Curves: Part 2

Processing Using Adobe Camera Raw

Customizing Photoshop: Shortcuts

Customizing Photoshop: Contact Sheet

Customizing Photoshop: Workspaces

Create a Growing Baby Collage

Dreamy Photo

Milky Way Effect

Digital Scrapbooking in Photoshop

Photoshop Ghosting Techniques

Snow Effect

Duotone Image

Hand-drawn Sketch Effect

Color Enhancement on Photos

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Effect

Marble Text Effect

Tip#22:  Photoshop  Elements - How to take Images to a New Level

Tint Car Windows

Visible Watermarking

Water Text

Custom Brushes

Photo Enhancement

Professional Business Card

Double Reverse Fade

Lighting Effect

Dark Landscape

About Color Models in Photoshop

Crystal Background Effect

Many other tips

Masking with Channels in  Photoshop

Secrets to Creating Compelling Photo Collages

Photoshop Tutorial:  Removing Freckles

Tutorial : PS 6.0 Textures, Colouring, Preparing Base, Cropping  ...

Repair Old Photos

Extract a Selection from a Photo

Masking with Channels in  Photoshop

Quick Retouching

Ripped Border

The Adjustment Tool in iPhoto 6 - Part 1 - (Mac)

Photoshop  Wednesdays Tip 34: The Layers Palette (Part 1)

Inside Photoshop: Using CS2's Smart Sharpen Filter

Using  Photoshop’s  Wave Distortion Filter to Create Abstract Art

Adding Space To A Image In  Photoshop  Using The Free TransformTool

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Extracting a person from a picture

Simple Wedding Glamor Photo

Simple Sepia Effect

Pencil Sketch

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Background Eraser Tool


Desaturate Using the Channel Mixer

Line Art Coloring: Custom Graphics and Illustrations

Electric Snowstorm Effect

Save for Web

Night Sky

Carved Wood

Swirly Curly Edges

Selective Adjustments In Photoshop

Let It Rain

Glass Surface Water Drop

Spiraling Backgrounds

Perfect Smooth Snow

Colorful Warp

Framed Photos

Leaves Photo Frame

Water Droplet

Custom Text

Shedding Light on Artwork

Genuine Fractals Overview Video

Tutorial: PS 6.0, brushes, coloring, good for beginners - Good detailed info for the Photoshop beginner.

Removing Imperfections Using Photoshop

Custom Color Swatches

Digitally Coloring Hair

Photoshop Tutorial : Creating Galaxy Effect

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Aged Photos

Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 40 - 15 watercolor and other wet brushes

Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 39

Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 38

Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 37

Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 36

Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 35

Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 34

Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 33

Photoshop Brushes Archives (32 - 1)

Photoshop  Tip:  Photoshop  Tip: Don’t Use Crop To Fix Barrel Distortion

Photoshop  Video Tutorial: Creating Waterdrops

Photoshop  - how to make smooth curved lines

Custom Depth of Field

Create  A Drop Shadow Effect

Photoshop Tutorial: Double-Process RAW For Better Tonality

Cel Shade a Car

Black & White Face With Color

How to create a Sepia tone with  Photoshop

Cool Engraved Text Effect

Q&A: What is the Photoshop Scratch Disk?

Photoshop  Tutorial - Merge To HDR In CS2

The 5 Deadly Sins of Photoshop Compositing (by Sean Baylis)

The Photoshop Elements Workspace

Photoshop  Tip: Super-fast Inches To Pixels

Attractive Background Effect

Easy 3D Text

Cool Text Effect

Melting Ice Cream Text

Realistic Fire

Realistic Grass

Tutorial: Painting Hair

High Dynamic Range  Photography  Tutorial

Creating and Using Custom Brushes in Photoshop Elements

Photoshop  Tip: Add An Action to Your Action

Photograph to Clipart

Duo/Tri/Quadtone Images

Smiling Cat

Filter Gradient

Text Block Over Image

Futuristic Effect

Glossy Shine

Old Paper

Photoshop Magic Marker Effect

Photoshop Cubism Art Effect

Learn to use Quick Mask


Basic Portrait Coloring

Photoshop Cross-Processing Effect

tfttf112 - PSC13: Adding Real Grain - Podcast

Coloring with color balance

Bringing Colour to Life -  Photoshop  CS

Use adjustment layers for that perfect selection

Photoshop Tutorials and Quick Tips - The Graphic Reporter site

Photoshop Elements Tutorials and Quick Tips - The Graphic Reporter site

QuickTip: Top 11 Keyboard Shortcuts for  Photoshop  and Elements

A Complete Guide to Photoshop File Formats

Photoshop Elements 4.0 has some great elements

The 5 Deadly Sins of Photoshop Compositing

Pen Tool Selecting

Over Sharpening For Effects

Guide To Adjustment Layers

Layer Blending 101

Dreamy Glamour Effect

OMT -  Photoshop  Wednesdays Tip #33: The Path Palette - Podcast

Selecting the Optimum Black and White Channel

Replicating Traditional Photography Filters

Floating Bubbles

Indented Text

Groovy Text Effect

Glossy Style Text

Anti-Aliasing Picture Corners

Clone Stamp Erasing

Puffy Clouds

Effective Monocolor Use

Random Designs

Water Ripple Reflection

Text with a Mosaic Background

Accent Certain Colors

Getting Around in Photoshop Elements 4

Broken Text

3D Text

Understanding Curves

In Depth with Levels

Curves  vs. Levels in  Photoshop

Tutorial Wiz site

Pattern Background

Explained: Fill Opacity

using Shadow/Highlight in  Photoshop

Creating Drama with a Soft Spotlight

Selecting the Optimum Black and White Channel

Glossy Style Text

Slick Text Overlay

Replicating Traditional Photography Filters

Floating Bubbles

The Pen Tool

Denim Text Effect

Text Shine

Photo Into Text Manipulation

Light Beam

Magic Ball Effects

Realistic Grass

Free Photoshop Plugins - Purple fringe reduction, shadow and highlight adjustment, color & BW luminance adjustment, and other tools.

Replace the Sky of a Photo

Nine Tips For Writing Tutorials

Building a Maze

Photoshop Wednesdays #32 - The Path Selection Tools - Direct video download

Strong Black and White

Easter Bunny

Smoking with Photoshop

Log Your History

Burnt Text

The Lighting Effects Filter

Dark Clouds Effect

Beauty in black and white

Black & White High Key Effects

Simple Vector Art

Color Changing

Water Motion Blur Effect

Happy Easter Card

Fiber Background

Lip Gloss

Digital Painting Walkthrough

Make Photo with Border

Custom Shape using Custom Shapes

Donut Frame

Direction Arrow Signs

Lighting Effect

Sunset Silhouette Art

Restaurant Menu

Drawing a UFO

Giving a Car an Old and Grungy Look

LEVELS by Ron Bigelow

Photoshop Blending Modes by Ron Bigelow. Part 1.

Photoshop Blending Modes by Ron Bigelow. Part 2.

SHARPENING by Ron Bigelow

Using "Curves" in Photoshop

Using "Levels" in Photoshop

Using "Unsharp Mask" in Photoshop

Using "Unsharp Mask" tool to increase local contrast

Photoshop  Tip: Getting Smaller  Photoshop  Files

New Tutorial - Creating A Watercolor Painterly Effect

White Pointing (Correcting Highlights) with  Photoshop  7

a quick color correction trick using  curves  in  photoshop

Water Droplets

Lighting Effects

Intro to Photomanipulations

Adding Bubbles

Pen Tool Technique

Psychedelic Wireframe Background

Water Surface

More Realistic Photos

Digital Graffiti

Multiple Photos on One Page

Photo Tip

How to Paint an Image with the History Brush in PhotoShop

Three New Sets of Free Photoshop Layer Styles

Lightroom podcasts, vol. 3

Using Adjustment Layers

Photoshop for Photographers

Black & White to Color

Converting to B&W is simple? Pro's don't think so.

Eliminate Noise with the Color Replacement Tool

How To Create Pseudo Lith Prints

Making Low Resolution Look High

Painting With Light

Reducing Noise with Photoshop

Retouching Images with Bert Monroy. Part 1.

Retouching Images with Bert Monroy. Part 2

Russel Brown Tips - Some great Video Tuts from the master

Ron Bigelow Photography - Many nice tuts

Neon Text

Rainbow Creation

Animating Sea Waves

Car Headlights

Neon Glow

Animated Writing

Flying Butterflies

Website Layout


Noise reduction technique

Photoshop Tutorial: Editing Down a Shoot in Bridge

Cloud Shapes

Window Light Rays

Flawless Black and White Photos

Photoshop Scripting: An Introduction

Fleck Paint

Render Layout

Photorealistic Sketch

Apple’s Aperture - Part I

Apple’s Aperture - Part II

Apple’s Aperture - Part III

Apple’s Aperture - Part IV

One Minute - Photoshop Wednesdays - “One Minute” audio and video tuts and Podcasts/VCasts

New Tutorial - Tips For Hand-Coloring Effects

batch convert to B/W with  photoshop

How To : Convert to a Model Look

LAB Color Boost ( Video  Tutorial)

Photoshop  CS2 RAW

Photoshop Tips: Batch Processing Images

Free  Adobe  Photoshop Tutorials  - Layout

Free  Adobe  Photoshop Tutorials  - Layer Styles

Free  Adobe  Photoshop Tutorials  - Fonts

Free Photoshop Layer Styles - 3 New "Epic" Styles

New Tutorial - Creating A Watercolor Painterly Effect

Photoshop Tutorial: Advanced Skin Softening

Photoshop TV Episode 23 (March 28, 2006)

SDI Vol2No12 20060329 - ISO and You - podcast

Photoshop TV Episode 22 (March 20, 2006)

Easy Rainbow in Adobe Photoshop

Newborn Manipulation

Interesting Photo Line Effect

Screen Print

Graduation Cap

Lightsaber Blade

Abstract Effect

Complex Cluster Effect

Shining Text

New Adobe Lightroom Podcasts

Free Photoshop Layer Styles - 3 New "Epic" Styles

Digital Toolbox: New Quick Fixes

How to Get 'Real' B&W Look from Color Photos

Underwater  Photography Tips

Free Photoshop Layer Styles - 3 New "Epic" Styles

Pop Photo's Digital Toolbox: Elements of Elements

Vectorized Video Tutorial

Quick Tip Masking Hair in  Photoshop  Part 1

(11) Photographic DIY tutorials roundup

Photoshop  CS/CS2 Automator Actions v2.0 released - Mac only (free)

3D Pie Chart

Marble Text

Floating Paper

Gel Buttons


Dramatic Lighting

Use Automator to manage workspaces - (Mac)

Torn Border

Ripped Border

Torn and Burnt Edges

Eye Manipulation

Photorealistic Sketch

Torn Border Effect - Plus discussion

Creating Dramatic Lighting Effect

Animated Emoticons

Manipulating Facial Expressions

Photo Manipulation

Abstract Photo Manipulation

Lab Color Sharpening

Two-Pass Lab Sharpening

Edge Sharpening

Sharpening Shadows

Burnt Avatar

Correcting Facial Imperfections

Removing Skin Imperfections

Removing Facial Blemishes

The History Palette

The Swatches Palette

Tips On Hand Coloring Photos

Photoshop tutorial - The Basics of RGB

New Tutorial - Tips For Hand-Coloring Effects

Photoshop Tutorial: Advanced Sharpening for Portrait

Time lapse  photography  rules

Photoshop Tutorial: Seven Essential Steps to Digital Workflow

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Dramatic Lighting Effect

Photoshop Tutorial: Tone and Color Enhancement

Understanding Levels

Create Watercolor Effects

Effective Use of Spot Healing Brush

HDR with Smart Objects

Realistic Polaroid

Box Text

Realistic Lightning Effect

Coming Out of an Image

Page Curl Effect

Cartoon Styled Sky Scene

Planet of the Future

Smoke Shapes

Uniformity in Color Tones

Adding Fog

Photoshop Video Tutorials - Google Video Search results

Free Layer Styles for Photoshop and Elements

Photoshop Tutorial: Lab Color Sharpening

Creating a Flower Vase

Funky Borders

Marble Text Effect

Different Glass Effects

Rainy Day Rain Effect

Grunge Text Effect

Ghost Text Effect

Spinning Propeller

Scorching Sun Effect

The Plastic Effect

Different Glass Effects

Magical Text

Fairy Lights

Magical Lamp

Circular Explosion

Text Explosion

Softer Background Effect

Nifty Background Effect

Displaced Mosaic Text

Text with a Mosaic Background

Curved Graphic

The Pen Tool: Curved Navbar

Glassy Text

Speedy Glass Orb

Color in Photography

Designing a Calendar

Creating an Action Sequence

A Beginner's Guide to Actions and Droplets

Depth of Field Control

Focus Control

Fashion Retouching: Advanced Soft Focus

Ripped Border

Fashion Magazine Style Photo Effect

Fashion Magazine Photo Effect

Advanced Sharpening for Portrait

Gaming Logo with Realistic Dice

Instant Photoshop - A fast start Introduction to Photoshop for Photographers.

OMT -  Photoshop Wednesdays Tip #29 : Eyedropper, Color Sampler and  Measure Tools - Short video podcast

Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Custom Copyright Brush

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 39: Layers Masks

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 36: Transforming Layers (Scale)

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 37: Transforming Layers (Part 2)

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 38: Transforming Layers (Part 3)

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 31: The Pen Tool

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 25: The Paint Bucket Tool

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip #26: The Gradient Tool

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 28: Grids, Guides and Rulers

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 33: The Paths Palette

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 34: The Layers Palette (Part 1)

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 35: Layers (Part 2)

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 4: Zoom

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 2: Tool Shortcuts

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 7: Selections (Part 3)

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 8: Selections (Part 4)

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 12: Color (Part 2)

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 11: Color Selection  (Part 1)

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 10: Brushes  (Part 2)

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 9: Brushes a Primer (Part 1)

Apple Pro Tip of the Week--Search Inside Photoshop Documents! Launches Podcast Series

Batch Watermarking & Adding Copyright with Photoshop

Black and White Conversion 101


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FREE access to over 1,216 movie tutorials across more than 172 training titles -- that's over 115 hours of total content at no cost to you. These are free sample videos (mostly the basic subjects) to a much larger pay for DVD.

Photoshop CS2 Tutorial - RAW Workflow

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Change Eye Color

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Color Correction

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Healing Brush

A  Digital Scrapbooking  Tutorial Site

Woodgrain Texture

Watermarking and Adding Copyright

Steam and Vapor

Polaroid Picture

Glossy Text

Manipulating Lips

3D Shine Text

Photo Montage Wallpaper

Two Minute Professional Glow

Designing a Door Hanger

Designing a Letterhead

Designing a Business Card

Mechanical Pencil

Smart Sharpening Techniques

Designing a Business Card

Object Extraction

Ancient Sandy Photo Manipulation

Tooty Frooty Text Effect

Happy Dots Text

Fire Effect

Pixel Art

Coloring an Arm

Drawing a Moon

Change Color Via Channel Mixer


Charcoal Sketch

Beam of Light

Gradient Text

Fusion Text

Fortune Teller's Magic Sphere

Tutorial on the Sunburst Effect

Complete Guide to Lighting

Color Gradient Layer Filters

Pop Art Effect

Vector Sunrays


Soft Glow

Complete Guide to Lighting

Color Gradient Layer Filters

Cartoon Clouds

Dreamy Effect


Photo Plug-Ins downloads

Optimize Website Photographs

Fine Tuning Saturation in Photoshop

Creating Photoshop 3D Effects in PS7

Special Color Requests

Pixel Art Textures

Converting a Day Scene Into Night

Enhancing Tropical Photographs

Basic Cel Shading

Greyscale to Color

Photo Density & Colour Retouch

3D Reflection Effect

Oh Baby

Drop Shadow

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Color Correction

SDI Vol2No10 20060306 - Exposure - Podcast

Methods of Image Adjusting

Merging Images

Tiling Images

Creating Custom Shapes

Make Low Res Look High

Batch Creating Clear Thumbnials

Futuristic Background

Creating Photo Borders

White Balance

Stylish Text

Water Effect

Using Adjustment Layers

Elegant Text Box

Rough Style Text

Colored Pencil Sketch

Adding a Gloss Effect to Objects

Free Ebook: Lesson 3, Correcting Color Balance

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Make photo borders using actions

26 Photoshop Tips and Tutorials - All in PDF format for downloading (free)

9 Photoshop Video Tutorials

Color in Black and White

Give a Photo a Hand-Colored Look

Picture to Sketch Fade

Create a Sunset

Bubble Filter Effect

Abstract Flare

Keyboard Shortcuts

Recording Actions

Text Shine

Extraction of Disturbing Elements

Creating a Waterfall

Match Maker

Graffiti on the Wall

Hand Coloring

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Hand Coloring

Understanding Bitmaps and Vectors

Artificial Rainbows

Creating Black and White From Color

Automating Rounded Borders

Sharpening Techniques

Creating Realistic Clouds

Creating a Brochure Cover

Vine Text

Installing Fonts and Brushes

Clean Up Skin Tones  Photoshop

Download: Free  Photoshop  Brushes Series 38 !!

Cool comic book-like effect in Photoshop

"Real" Scanlines

Projected Shadows

Create a Photo Frame

Torn Photo

Mastering Tweening

Using Brushes

Pixel Dust Lines

Textured Ball

Creating an Old Map

Carbon Fiber

Photo-Realistic Flame

Flashy Orb Interface

Subtle Background

Star Backdrop

Page Curl Effect

Custom Photo Tinting

Star Backdrop

Adding Reflections

Merging Images

Solar Eclipse

Creating and Inserting Bottle Labels

3D Flatscreen

Grungy Poster Design

Basics of Text Animation in ImageReady

Rollover Button

Chocolate Candy Text

Polaroid Photo

Corner Paper Fold

Turn Images into Shapes

Masking Tips

Stylish Text

Creating Warm Light

Lens Correction Filter

Removing Unwanted People

Morning Scenery

Learn the Levels

Cast Shadow

Crumpled Paper Bag Texture


40s Style Photograph

Making Custom Shapes


Lineart Coloring

Blend Modes

Colored Lighting Effect

Photoshop  Video Tutorial: Painting

High Quality  Photoshop  Tutorials

Digital Wide Zoom Lens Comparison

The Master Guide to Curves

01: Adjustment Layers - Tips from the Top Floor Tutorial

02: Curves - Tips from the Top Floor Tutorial

03: Layer Masks - Tips from the Top Floor Tutorial

04: Sharpening - Tips from the Top Floor Tutorial

05: Cropping - Tips from the Top Floor Tutorial

06: Burn/Dodge - Tips from the Top Floor Tutorial

07: Actions - Tips from the Top Floor Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial: Page Curl

Tutorial: Lightning Photo Restoration and Composition

Essential Techniques for Working with Photoshop CS2

Top 10 Reasons Why Adobe Lightroom Rocks

How do I prepare Images for the Web?

Photoshop TV Episode 18 (February 20, 2006)

Learn Editing Pictures in  Photoshop

Using  Photoshop ’s  Extract  Filter Effectively

How to Use  Photoshop ’s Extract Filter

TUPW Photoshop Online video podcast debuts

Photoshop  Lesson: Extracting Images Using the  Extract  Tool

Ribbon Effect

Symmetric Reflection

How to Cutout a Subject

Flower in a Circle Effect

Guide to Vectoring and the Pen Tool

Rectangle Effect

Pixel Gradient

Ghost Text Effect

Creating Pop Art

Mastering Curves

Thumbnails with Shadows

Creating a Grassy Field

Creating Tiles with Marble Texture

Creating Water From a Tap

Disco Lights

Converting  Photoshop  brush files .ABR and Paint Shop Pro brush  ...

Color photographs into b&w the right way, and more ...

Adding Arrowheads to a Line

Circular Text in  Photoshop

Photo Makeover

Mickey Mouse Face

Glimmering Gold

Realistic Explosion

Glass Button

Planet Tutorial

No More Jaggy Selections

Editing and Modifying Selection Masks

Complex Black and White Conversion

Cleaning Camera Sensors

Monaco by X-Rite: Complete Guide to Color Management

Displacement Filter

Selection Mask Quick Hacks

Grunge Text

Comic Book Coloring

Nikonians Podcast #4: Bob Krist

B&W Conversion in Nikon Capture

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Make photo borders using actions

Photoshop Video Tutorial: Deep Blue Sky

Spectacular Explosion

Censoring a Photograph


Wedding Album Design

Vector People

Slick 3D Text

True Flames

Magazine Cover: Masthead Editing

Simple Template

Lens Flare Abstract

Grunge Stamp

Color to Monochrome

That Soft Look

Cubed Apple

Vibrant Logo

A Primer on Composition - Video Tutorial

A Primer on Night Photography - Video Tutorial

Flowing Water - Video Tutorial

Sophisticated Selections - Video Tutorial

Surreal Painterly Effect - Video Tutorial

Black (and White) Magic - PDF download

Photoshop TV Episode 17 (February 13, 2006)

Photoshop TV Episode 16 (February 6, 2006)

Photoshop TV Episode 15 (January 30, 2006)

Photoshop TV Episode 14 (January 23, 2006)

Photoshop TV Episode 13 (January 16, 2006)

Photoshop TV Episode 12 (January 9, 2006)

Photoshop TV Episode 11 (January 2, 2006)

Photoshop TV Episode 10 (December 26, 2005)

Photoshop TV Episode 9 (December 19, 2005)

Photoshop TV Episode 8 (December 12, 2005)

Photoshop TV Episode 7 (December 05, 2005)

Photoshop TV Episode 6 (November 28, 2005)

Photoshop TV Episode 5 (November 21, 2005)

Photoshop TV Episode 4 (November 14th, 2005)

Photoshop TV Episode 3 (November 7th, 2005)

Photoshop TV Episode 2 (October 31, 2005)

Photoshop TV Episode 1 (October 24th, 2005)

Photoshop Radio Episode 17

Photoshop Radio Episode 16

Photoshop Radio Episode 15

Photoshop Radio Episode 14

Photoshop Radio Episode 13

Photoshop TV Episode 11


Creating a Rainbow

Adobe Proxy Magazine Vol. 2 No. 1 has landed

tfttf96 - PSC07: Actions - podcast

High Dynamic Range Imaging - wikipedia

Understanding Digital Blending

Gaussian Blur Overlays (GIMP)

HDR Photography

Easy HDR Brighten Shadows Darken Highlights


High Dynamic Range  (HDR) Technology Analysis

High Dynamic Range  Lighting

I really like HDR ( high dynamic range ) photographs. They have this  ...

Merge to HDR in Photoshop CS2

Photography Exposure Elements

Creative Photo Cropping

Using Photoshop with 3D Applications

Super Size Me: Resize and Crop Your Pix in Photoshop Elements 4

Photoshop vs.  Infrared  Film

Header Design 101

Removing Color

Old School 3D Text

Photo Glow

Funky Gel Effect

Emboss Details in Photos

Sexy Business Card

Professional Gray Menu

Perspective Shadow

Stone Text

Underwater Effect on a Photo

Tech Panel Header

Burning Brandmark

Professional Menu

Extended Images with Transparency

Pixel Layout

Webpage Header

Creating a Comet

Editing and Modifying Selection Masks

Complex Black and White Conversion

Photoshop Quick Tip #10: Force Free Transform Handles into frame

Grungy Rust

Creating a Concrete Texture

Angelic Essence

Candy Text Effect

Graphics in Photography

Group Portrait Arrangement Science

Vector Images

Dodge and Burn Tools

Using the  Extract  Filter To Delete A Background

Extract ! -  Photoshop  lessons - 46

Extract  Objects - Step by Step

2 Minute Tricks # 3 - Extracting objects + more

Image  Extract  Tutorial

Image Extraction

Selection tips and challenges

Photoshop extraction tutorial

One Photoshop Quick Tip... and one Not-So-Quick Tip

Blur the Background - A  Photoshop  Introduction

Not-so-Quick Tip #9:  Photoshop Extract  filter - Feb  ...

"Out of Bounds" Images

Slicing Tips

Lens Choice

Realistic Custom UMD's

Using the Clone Tool

Create Realistic Fog

Illuminating a Room with Colored Light

Cool Block Effect

Various Borders

Photography Exposure Elements

Genie in a Bottle

Grunge Text Effect

Smokin' Hot Pizza: Creating Smoke

Picture to Painting

Ancient Map

Image in Text

Stealth Text

Preparing for Portrait Photos

Artistic Ocean Waves

Color is the New Black: Selective Desaturation

Butterfly Wings Attachment

Professional Glass Avatars

Censoring Photos

Good way to Mask Hair? - A lengthy discussion on DPreview’s Retouch Forum

Photoshop CS2 Killer Tips - 1-2 Minute daily podcasts from NAMM

Photoshop TV Episode 14 (January 23, 2006)

Photoshop Tips for Beginners 1

Black and White Photography - Black and white conversion min Photoshop

How to fix underexposed images - Fix an underexposed photo using Photoshop

How to fix over exposed flash images - Flash over exposure to the rescue with Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial: Turning photos into colored pencil sketch

Color Scheme Tool - Nice free color chooser for web site creation (gives HTML values).

2 Minute Photoshop Tips - Index of 28 podcasts as of this writing

2 Minute Tricks # 6 - Actions

How to bring out the blue sky in those grey sky pictures

Photoshop Tutorial: Turning Portrait Into a Stone Statue

Photo Borders with Photoshop - Learn how to create simple borders

Car Conversion - Neat tut showing how to create a new car out of 2 completely different car photos.

tfttf93 - PSC06: Burn/Dodge - Podcast

Rusted Text

Dotted Lines and Curves

Creating an Abstract Image

Bubble Text Effect

Vibrant Photo Glow

Dotted Lines and Curves

Artistic Painting

Photographing Couples

Shadows and Photography

Radial Flower

Water Layer Style

The Popular Wooden Effect

Make a Planet

Lighting your Subject

Torn Paper

3D Logo


Fire Text

Night Sky

Postage Stamp

Picture out of Text

Smooth and Contrasty

Text in Wood


Light Contrast

Face Reflections in Flash Photography

Realistic Folded Paper

Split Toning

The Making of a Rose

Animated Presentation

Photoshop Radio Episode 15

Photoshop Radio Episode 14

Photoshop Radio Episode 13

Digital Scrapbooking freebies

tfttf91 - PSC05: The Crop Tool - Podcast


Restore Old Photo

Prime Lenses vs. Zoom Lenses

Carpet Textur


Old Poster

Mystic Eye

Joker Face

Composition: The Key to Good Photography

Laminated Wooden Texture

Retro Boxes

Benefits of Adjusting ISO Speed

Clean CD

Removing Facial Features

Glossy Chrome Text

Modern Style Gradient

3D Glass Orb

3D Text

3D Interface Borders

3D Text Animation

Neon Sign

The Pen Tool and Vectoring

Tinting an Image

Using Variations

Controlling Highlights and Shadows

Megapixels for Print Sizes

Drawing an Angel

Pop Out

Glowing Sun

Cool Smiley

Cracked Glass

Face Mask

Pleasantville Effect

Drawing a Glass

Stylish Pixel Arrow Icons

Create a Tweety Face

Creating A Text Montage

Masking for Beginners

Masking Basics Part 1

Masking Basics Part 2

Photoshop  Layer Masks - Part 1

Photoshop  Layer Masks - Part 3

Photoshop  Layer Masks - Part 2

Editing your digital images without the mystery, Part I: Levels, curves, and noise

Editing your digital images without the mystery, Part II: Retouching techniques 101

Editing your digital images without the mystery, Part III: compositing

Perspective Shadows

Photo Correction 101: Levels Explained


Ghost Text

Drawing Scenery

Dark Content Box

Modern Style Text

Short and Attractive Backgrounds

Layer Palette

The Pen Tool


Vectorise People

Digital Comic Coloring

Oil Painting

Basics of Glow

Glowing Navigation Bar

Abstract Text Background

Carbon Fiber

Blending Images


Metallic Background

Colorize a Black and White Photo

Color Temperature in Photography

Masking a tree - Advance tutorial

Spicing up Images

Adding Fairy Dust

Face Silhouette

Road Texture

Water Drop

Removing Braces

Anime Eyes

Removing Braces

Photo Art

Seamless Textures

Starry Night



Polarizer Filter Usage

Blue Text Effect

Windows Vista Glass Effect

Customized Street Sign

Cartoon Lineart Coloring

Photo Blending

Vector Pineapple

Navigation Bar Background

Using Camera ISO Speed

Modern Perspective Splash Screen

Water Ripples

3D Banner

To learn more about Camera Raw, read these primers: Understanding digital raw capture (PDF: 1000k) and Linear gamma (PDF: 235k) .

Creating a Text Montage in Photoshop. Learn how to make a photo out of text (using an existing photo).

Fake UFO Images

Custom Paint Splatter

Advanced Starburst

Avoid Skin Glare in Portraits

Cool Background

Control Depth of Field

Round Menu with Rollovers

Turtle Shell

Add Text on a Textured Surface

Finding Plug-ins

Good-Tutorials search result for Glass Effects

LCD Glass

Glass Effect

Glass Blocks

Glass Texture

Magnifying Glass Effect

Dream Photo

Color Correction

Random Stripes Text

Waterfall of Flame


Metallic Rings

Foggy Scene

Color a Black and White Photograph

Adjusting Colors in Infrared Photos

Photoshop Tutorials: Adding Snow to a Photo (easy)

Some Notes on  Photoshop

Watery Text

Creating Planets and Moons


Mosaic Effect

Crystal Ice

Vector Masks

Colorful Curved Lines

Stylish Gradient

Windmill Effect

Four Keys to Better Brushing

Ribbon Effect

The  New  RAW Workflow

Futuristic Town Scene

Creating a Letter Seal

Lasso Tool: Easy way to Trace

Photoshop Design

Website Posters

Calibrating White Balance

Blending Images

Smooth Skins

Spots and Braces Removal

Professional Navigation Bar

Heart-Shaped Tennis Ball

Pale Blend

Focal Point

Heart-Shaped Tennis Ball

Reshaping Objects

Make a Photo From Only Text

The Palette

Asphalt Textures

Realistic Fur

ChainStyle Photoshop and Web Resources

Diffused Fog Photo Effect

Additive vs Static Gradients

Gradient Photo Effect - Video Tutorial

Mask and Edging Effects

SLR  Photography  Online

Tips for Candid  Photography

Lenswork podcasts

Photoshop Tutorial: Adjusting White Balance in IR Photos

Solid Black to a Color in Photoshop

It’s all about the Eyes

How to get started in Photoshop

Photoshop tips for a beginner

Free Photoshop Action for Digital Scrapbookers

Mystic Eye

Digital Painting Walkthrough

Switching from Film to Digital

Photoshop Blends Color to Grayscale

Photoshop  Elements for the Web Tutorials

Replacing Color in Photoshop CS2

Layers magazine Tip of the Day - Use Object Styles To Save Production Time

Workflows and Scenarios...

Free  Photoshop  Brushes Resources

Photoshop tutorials  and resources

More on Hue/Saturation in Photoshop

Overexposed Photograph

Histogram Analysis and Use

Moonlight with Reflection

Ray of Light

Sky Style

Web-Friendly Drop Shadows

Aperture and Shutter Speed

Drawing a Bunny Rabbit

Wood Texture

The Shadow/Hightlight Tool

Glossy Lips

Snow Brush

Gothic Art

Let it Snow

Using Calculations and Channels to Create Masks

Digital Versus Film Benefits Growing

Animated Sand Effect

Realistic Stitches

How to Apply Eye Makeup

Creating Actions and Making Your Life Easier

Photoshop TV Episode 13 (January 16, 2006)

Photoshop tutorial - The Basics of RGB

Photoshop tutorial -  Nature Photography

tfttf85 - PSC03: Layer Masks - Podcast

tfttf88 - PSC04: Sharpening - Podcast

Andy Warhol Effect

Layout Tutorial

Cheating with Photoshop

Learning to Draw

Simulating Focal Range

Filter Installation

Realistic Bowling Ball

Page Curl

Photoshop for the Clueless - Pete Ashton

Sunlight on Face Effect

The Guide for Graphics Tablets

Deep Dish Rims

Practical Bevel Effects

Photorealistic Clouds

Gradient Shadow to Transparent

Background Change with Magnetic Lasso

Close Up

Adobe Lightroom FAQ’s

Photoshop  Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Lightroom Learning Center Launched

Adobe Lightroom Beta

Draw Vector Stars

Flash Photography Tips and Techniques

Streams of Dusty Light

Large Diagonal Background

Old Film Look

Color Psychology Reference Cards

Quick Mask for Beginners

Realistic Sketch Effect

Gene and Grayson Steinberg present a special "Live at Macworld" episode featuring David Biedny, Steve "Mr. Gadget" Kruschen, Ted Landau, Joe Kissell, John Rizzo and more this week on The Tech Night Owl LIVE

Batch  Action  to Remove Hot Pixels

Creating a Photoshop  Action

Partial Color in a Black & White Photo

RAW vs. JPG Compression

Color Psychology Reference Cards

Converting a Photograph into a Painting

Liquid Mist Effect

Colorful Flower

Coloring Parts of an Image

Understanding Curve Adjustments

Rounded and Hard Corners

Flashlight Effect

Cloud Diffused Light

Changing Thumbnail Sizes

Bicubic Smoother and Bicubic Sharper

Creating Light Beams

Photoshop vs Nature

Interesting Guidelines for Composition

Beginner  Rule of Thirds  3


Composition -  Rule Of Thirds

Photoshop Shape tool tips

Making Nice Looking Thumbnails for HTML Photo Albums

Printing Multiple Images

Photoshop vs Nature

Carved in Wood Effect

Cartoonish Cloud

Psychedelic Effect

Party Hats


Tech Layout Complete

Magnifying Glass Effect

Photo Sketches

Removing a Date from a Photo

Simulate Layer Masks in Photoshop Elements

How To Remove a Watermark from a Picture

tfttf85 - PSC03: Layer Masks - podcast

Selective Desaturation with Masks

Professional Magazine Design

Tutorial on  Photoshop Curves


Understanding Curve Adjustments in  Photoshop

Two Tips for working with Layer Styles in  Photoshop

Blur the Background - A Photoshop Introduction

Fine Tuning Saturation in Photoshop

Complete Site Design

Converting Day into Night

Cool Blue Object

Colorize a Black and White Photograph

Glamorous Effect

Coloring Overview

Rules of Good Composition

Ocean View Landscape

Multiple Lighting Setup with Photoshop

Glamorous Effect

Dynamite Sticks

Painting a Realistic Sky

Rules of Good Composition

Animated Text Avatar

15 Tips - Making Better Use of iPhoto

Gradient Based Photograph Merge

Night Photography

Grunge Signature

Creating a Caricature

Glossy Rollover

Group Portrait Tips

Drawing a Candle

Vivid Sky

Batch Processing

*Out of Frame* Triptych (Mike Warren)

Example and discussion

FREE Triptych Mat & Frame Action (horizontal 3 part panel)

Action and discussion

Verticle triptych action

Black & White Conversion Technique in  PhotoShop

The Magical Power of  Photoshop

Photoshop tips for a beginner

Make a flyer with  Photoshop  Video Tutorial

Photoshop Brushes Series 36 Download

Complete Guide to Using Actions in Photoshop

Photoshop TV Episode 11 (January 2, 2006)

Photoshop Tutorials by John Woods - in .PDF format

.pdf downloads below:

Quickfire Background

Rusty Background

File Browser

Camera Raw Plugin

Understanding the Print Preview Window in Photoshop

Should You Capture Digital Photos In Raw or JPEG Format?

How To Preserve Spot Colors in Photoshop

17 Free  Photoshop  Brushes !!

2 Minute Tricks # 21 - Tool Tip: Move + Video!

Get the Red Out

3 Tutorials From Colin Smith

Complete Guide to Using Actions in  Photoshop

Local Contrast Enhancement (Defogging)

Free Triptych Mat and Frame Action

Car Tire Burnout

Spot Shape

Creating Light Beams with Photoshop

Black Glossy Button

Exposure Bracketing Techniques


Digital Censor

Carbon Fiber Text

Charcoal Line Art

Fake Vector

3D Cardboard Box

Snowstorm Effect

Watercolor Painting Effect

Dark Distortion

Folder Icon

Creating Seamless Repeating Textures

Soft Focus Techniques

Content Boxes

Twirls and Light

Photoshop Elements 3 - Setting Organizer Preferences

Adobe Digital Photography white papers and Primers - Detailed white papers in .pdf format

Macspiration 17 - Cropping to Size in iPhoto

Magical Orb

Image Extraction

3D Pictures

Perfecting Black and White Images

Stone Bevel

Gothic Text

Neon Text

Photography Time of Day


3D Text Effect

Candy Text

Rustic Skies

The Patch Tool

Sleek Orb

Laser-Cut Metal

Drawing a Realistic Pen

Carved Wood

3D Text

Classy Header Design

Creating a Vector Image from a Photo

Photoshop: Speed up the Retouching!

How many pixels do I need for printing photos?

How do I reduce the size of photos for online use?

How do I change the print size of a digital photo?

Adobe Photoshop Basics Online Course

Organize Your Photos with Photoshop Elements

Fixing Pet Eye in Your Photos

Photoshop  Shape tool tips

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 17: The Text Tool (Part 1) - podcast

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 18: The Text Tool (Part 2) - podcast

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 19: The Text Tool (Part 3) - podcast

Photoshop Wednesdays Tip 20: The Text Tool (Part 4) - podcast

Thick Diagonal Lines

Image in Text

Creating Static Banner

Bird Photography

Using the Magic Extractor in Photoshop Elements 4.0 Extracting an ...

Free Pattern Sets for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

Fixing Pet Eye: No More Demon-Eyed Cats and Dogs!

Photo e-zines


Apogee Photo

British Journal of Photography

Digit Online

Digital Photographer

eDigital Photo



Focal Fix


Kodak e-Magazine


ProfiFoto online


total Digital Photography

Vivid Light Photography

What Digital Camera

Digital Photo Processing - Other Ways To Make Photos More Dramatic

Micro Machine Car



Smiley Face

Bird Photography

Ring of Fire

Hypnotic Wheel

Aged Photo

Photoshop TV Episode 10 (December 26, 2005

Photoshop TV Episode 9 (December 19, 2005)

My Cross-Processing Technique

Better Black & White

Understanding Light

Add Snow to Text

Dramatic Sky Effect

Sketches From Photos

Animated Christmas Lights

Waving Santa Claus

Color to Black and White


Tips & Techniques - Digital Hair Mania!

122 Photoshop Tutorials - Text, Shapes and Objects, Textures and Effects.

Macro Layout

Neon Text

Cartoon Effect

Using Displacement Maps to Distort an Image

Forest Scene

Christmas E-Card

Selective Coloring

Camera Aperture

Falling Snow

Colorful Composition

Water Drops

Framing and Mounting Your Photos

Evil Photo Manipulation

Painting an Eye

Shiny Glass Ball

Text Light Ray Effect

Ripple Effect

Photo Manipulation

Gradient Layout

Depth of Field and Depth Focus

Old Photo Effect

Fill Flash: Why Would I Want To Use My Flash Outdoors?

Four Point Lighting Setup

Sharpen After Resizing

Take Care When Transferring Images

Save Your Original Photos!

Watch Image Size When Putting Photos Online

Adjust Redness to Warm Up Photographs

Make a Photograph Look Old

Dramatic Black and White Photos

Defocusing Background

Interactive Memory Map

Polaroid Image Effect

Plastic Text

Christmas Lights

Old Paper to Web Background


Christmas Ornaments

Adding Snow

Landscape Atmosphere Effect

Making Cat Eyes

Christmas Ball

Creating Visual Action: Using Motion Blur

Embedded Text

Sin City Photo Coloring

Gradient Pattern

Text Reflection

Christmas Tree Ornaments

tfttf81 - Interview with Randal L. Schwartz pt.1

tfttf81 - Interview with Randal L. Schwartz pt.1

tfttf83 - PSC02: Curves

tfttf80 - PSC01: Adjustment Layers

Home Made Omnibounce

Color Changing

Burnt Edges

Digital Cameras vs. Film Cameras

Photoshop Filters Explained

Creating Autumn Colors

Various Photoshop Techniques for Turning Color into B&W

Glass Bar

Creating a Car in Photoshop

Wooden Frame

Beginner Abstract Brushing

Keep Photos Simple

Polaroid Photo Effect

Pencil Image Sketching

Image Halftone

Create a Symmetrical Face

Faded Image

Creating An Aerial Landscape

Curves Color Adjustment

Aged Photo

Retro Gradient

Extracting Images With Photoshop

Candy Cane Effect

Making Sparks

Glowing Planet

Photoshop Whiteout

Photo to Sketch

Stylish Rounded Border

Make A Realistic Starfield

50 Photoshop 7 tips

Colour management with digital cameras

Multi-layered montages

Advanced brushes and textures

Duotone and Posterize

3D effects in Photoshop

Mix Photo and Vector

Age your images

Transform photos

Layering techniques

Create liquid transitions

Fairground graphics

Bring 2D Images to Life

Advanced colour correction

Santa Hat

Blemish Touchup

Stretchable Background

Real Reflections

Create a Gothic Look

Photoshop Basics

Turn a Photo into a Painting

Beginning Photography and Camera Basics

Elegant Jewelry Layout

Edges for Photos

3D Shape

Basic Skills and Guides

Intermediate Tricks and Photo Effects

Advanced Tutorials and Concepts

Adding Vector Graphics to a Photoshop Illustration

The Art of PhotoShop Retouching

Pop Art

Flower Design

Summer Sunset
Blue Inset Header

Complete Web Page

Concert  Photography , A Tutorial for by Steve Mirarchi

tfttf80 - PSC: Adjustment Layers

tfttf79 - The Polarizer

tftf_show10 -  concert  photography - podcast

tfttf80 - PSC: Adjustment Layers

2 Minute Tricks # 19 - Rollover

2 Minute Tricks # 18 - Picture Package

2 Minute Tricks # 17 - Guides and Updates

2 Minute Tricks # 16 - Time Savers

2 Minute Tricks # 15 - Infrared

How to Make Rain Drops with  Photoshop

Photoshop  Secret - 265

Stencil Text

Oil Painting Effect

Realistic Grass and Sky

Stone Texture

User Bars

Water Droplets

Diamond Plated Brushed Metal Effect

Grunge 101

Quick Tip: Using Photoshop to Produce a Color Palette

Abstract Effect

Motion Blur

Pixelating Images

Stylish Style

Soft Shape

Brushed Metal

Waterlike Background

Paint Stroke Border

Making Icons

Spiral Vortex

Important Photography Tips

Nightmare Effect

Basics of Pixel Art

Photoshop tip: Dodge and burn using a layer

Let it Snow... or Make Your Own Snow!

Make any pic look like it came from a comic book

Adding Texture with the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

Photoshop brushes (6)

E-Painting with the Art History Brush

Dark Eye - Blend modes and Gradients

Quick Tips (5)

tfttf79 - The Polarizer

tfttf78 - SLR Lenses on DSLRs

tfttf77 - Q & A

tfttf76 - Back to the Basics II

tfttf72 - Back to the Basics

Tutorials (14)

Fashion Retouching: Advanced Soft Focus

Huge Eyes


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