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Photoshop Topics beginning with the letter “M”

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Underlined text below = links

DPReview's Retouching Forum

Macro Photography to Multiply

Macro Photography (Also see Digital Macro Photography)

Digital Macro Photography Tutorials

Getting up Close and Personal

Macro Photography Tips    


Magazines (Also see Digital Photo Magazines)

Print Magazines with an Online Presence and online only Mags

These sites often have tutorials and useful free info.

eDigital Photo Magazine Click on Tips and Techniques

PEI Magazine back issues - Back issues of Photo Electronic Magazine w / Tutorials and more

Nature Photographers Online Magazine

Digital Photo User Magazine (UK pub.) Click on articles for many tutorials

Online Digital Photo Magazines from North America

Online Digital Photo Magazines from Europe and the U.K.

Online Digital Photo Magazines from around the World

Digital Camera World Magazine

Magazine Cover Templates    

Magic Wand

The Mysteries of Photoshop's Magic Wand

Magic Wand Tool Technique From ePhotoZine site

Marching Ants    


Marquee Tools

Photoshop Marquee Select Tools Basic info from Media College site

Google Suggest Search on Photoshop Marquee Tool

Marquee Tools Technique From ePhotoZine site

Marquee Tools Tips From Jay Arraich Site

Masked Adjustment Layers

Masks and Masking  Masks now has it's own page

Google Suggest Search on Photoshop Mask Tutorials

What are Masks?

Understanding Contrast Masking

Extracting complex images such as hair - Tutorial using masks with photos

Layers and Masks

Photoshop Masks - 17 Minute video (MWV)

Measure Screen

Measure Tool    

Merge layers    

Merging Images


About Metadata Adobe PS Site .pdf file

Defining Metadata

Metadata in Photoshop CS

Introduction to Metadata An entire site devoted to the subject of Metadata

Monitor Calibration

Monitor Profiling    


Definition of Montage

Single image created from a compilation of several images.


The process of making a composite picture by bringing together into a single composition a number of different pictures or parts of pictures and arranging these to form a blended whole.

On the other hand a Collage is (uses scraps of paper)

Tutorials and techniques

Photoshop Montage and Collage - Merge and Combine Photos

Montages in Photoshop Technique

Photoshop Montage made Easy

Montage Page Backgrounds

PhotoMontage Tutorial


Motion and Motion Blur This Topic Moved to It's own page




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